Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!

One more vote and the biggest THANK YOU ever to 4padfoot for everything! God Bless Her! I received several “Eric sent me…”s yesterday and each one warmed heart. (I even got one from idream3223 saying that Eric didn’t need to send her). These little notes left me shocked and choked up. Thank you to all.

4padfoot has shown that this fandom is indeed not dying. It is thriving by the vast amount of new writers that have come in over the last year and the support of all of the seasoned writers and readers lately.

Unbelievably amazing is the fact that there will be the New Blood awards coming soon to recognize the newbies for their fresh and exciting stories.

Thanks again to 4padfoot. Let’s prove her right and show our dedication, too!

NOW GO VOTE and show your love for everyone who loves and takes pride in doing what we all love! Eric and Godric are waiting…

You Want Blood Awards



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait…

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  1. msbuffy says:

    Couldn’t agree more, my dear friend! I can’t tell you the number of stories I’ve read over the last year by “Newbies!” It’s been wonderful meeting all of these new writers and seeing all of their terrific contributions to the fandom. Furthermore, I’ve lost count of all the requests I’ve had to act as beta for some, taking on more than a handful, yet at the same time having to sadly turn just as many away because I’m swamped with my own clients and up to (I think) 10 fan fiction writers as beta. It’s a great honor to assist so many of you though… and get a front row seat to the new stories and chapters! LOL! I can’t wait to see what the lovely 4Padfoot designs for the “Newbie Awards!” Without a doubt, it’s sure to be something fun and creative as only she can do! 🙂

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