Meet Your Maker August – September 2015: Recently Completed Stories

Wow! Thank for including ‘Into the Blood’ in this incredible list of brilliant authors and stories! I’m truly honored. As promised, Part 2 ‘Back Into the Blood’ will be starting sometime this month…so, stay tuned!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


Let’s welcome some fresh blood!


We’re excited to be welcoming some new writers to the Directory. MissAliceUnsub is well on her way with her first story and EternallyEC is only just starting out. Be sure to check them out!



It would be greatly appreciated by any writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. 

A long list of COMPLETED FICS


We’re covering two months, and they appear to have been extremely productive for a lot of writers. Stories marked with an asterisk (*) are under 10 chapters.


Stories completed from August 1st – September 30th:

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