I have not died…I think my body has though…

Semi-Final voting is now open. Can I just say THANK YOU to all who nominated ‘Into the Blood’ and ‘Back Into the Blood’? Holy Crow!

They are up for a total of 6 nominations!! SIX! You guys are so awesome!!

I am speechless. I’m so thankful and grateful for whoever thought enough of my stories to put me in the running with so many other great writers!!!

Now, go vote for your favorites! After reading through them all, it looks like I have quite a bit of reading to do myself.

One more note: My lovely Cricket got nominated for Best OC! That warms my heart that you all think enough of her to give her a nod.

Thank you so much! I’m truly shocked!

You Want Blood Awards

I am back guys and although I am still working on a little bit here and there.  (Mostly the nomination links page that almost every person put in their suggestion box)


The Polls for the Semi-Final Round are up.  In this round every nomination that fit the time frame is entered to be voted on.  All 470 of them *according to my excel files*  Man my brain hurts!  This post will be short as I am sure that everyone just wants to get to reading and voting.

First, I want to say I know that there are probably some typos or I missed something so just go ahead and shoot me now for it but if you will just send Godric or Eric with a message I will fix it ASAP.  Remember I am only one person.  *I can’t believe it has taken me three days of pretty much solid…

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