We’re back with another Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar!

Hello my friends,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! The FangBangers Anonymous Advent Calendar has begun for 2016! It’s wonderful that this looks like it will become a new tradition (how lucky are we!).
Yes, I know today is December 5th and you’ll want to start at Day 1 (if you haven’t already), but you can get there from here!
Thanks to hisviks and everyone who works on the FBA site for putting this together again this year!!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction

Steve NewlinOn the great success of last year’s calendar we couldn’t help but curate another one! So dust off those horrible Christmas sweaters once more and get yourself toast and warm in anticipation of our daily treats.  We’ve got a whole new set of writers lined up to delight you so be sure to check in with us daily. Click below for our first treat, courtesy of Pam.


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3 Responses to We’re back with another Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar!

  1. msbuffy says:

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…after the start of NFL & NHL seasons, that is! 🙂

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    • kinnik7104 says:

      LOL I can’t believe it’s here already! This year has flown by! I finally began shopping this past weekend! God bless the internet! 🙂


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