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A/N: Here we are my friends…the sequel to ‘Into the Blood’! If you haven’t read it, you might want to take a look before starting this story. It will help make sense of what the heck is going on.

The rights to the TB/SVM universes belong to Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball and HBO. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

I do, however, my OC’s and their shenanigans. Enjoy!


“He commanded me to tell you he left, he isn’t coming back, and you aren’t to look for him.”


“Where are you?” I asked, barely audible. – “I am here.” – “Not now. Not in my dream. Where are you really?” – “Away.”

“I’m done, Eric.” – “Do you still love me?” he asked tentatively. – “You hurt me.” – “I am sorry.” – “I don’t believe you.”

“You will not answer my question?” – “Stop coming to my dreams.”


“Maggie, focus! Tell me what you’re talking about?” – “Oh! Sorry! You! I think I figured you out!” she squealed.


“You and I need to go see him. I think he’ll be able to tell us more.” – “Who?”

“I don’t know him personally, but I know someone, or really Octavia knows someone. She wants to meet you before we go so she can see for herself.” – “See what? And who is he?”

“He’s pretty old. I heard he’s kind. I think he’ll know for certain. Well, he’ll probably know. No, I’m sure he’ll know… Like I said, I don’t know him myself…” she continued rambling half to me and half to herself.

“Maggie?! Slow down! Who are we going to see?”

“His name is Godric.”


Chapter 1

Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect, even though now I was slightly concerned about what I might be walking into. What did she mean she figured me out? Until she called all I thought about was that I needed to escape. I needed to get away from all the memories of my one night with Eric. Stop thinking about him!

“Who’s Godric?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you when you get here, Cricket. How soon can you make it?” Maggie asked, sounding both serious and desperate. Whatever it was, she didn’t want to tell me over the phone.

“Well, first you need to tell me where you are,” I teased.

“Oh right! That would help, huh? I guess I know a lot more about you right now than you know about me,” she giggled excitedly.

“Maggie! Shh! How do you…? Never mind. How far is the drive? Where are you?!”

I was getting impatient. I knew she was excited and apparently has quite a bit to tell me since she had now finally ‘figured me out’, but Jesus! I had to wonder what that even meant.

“Not far. I’m in New Orleans. Hang on, I’ll give you directions.”

She proceeded to tell me how to get where she would be waiting. It would only take around an hour to drive there from Ponchatoula. We hung up and I returned to my closet where my empty suitcase sat on the floor, still waiting for me. I finally had a destination. I really liked Maggie, but she was a bit overzealous. With JP staying with Russell in Mississippi and not there to balance things out, I just hoped she wouldn’t drive me too crazy too soon. Then again, it wasn’t that far away. I could listen to whatever she needed to tell me, and then either return home or choose a new destination.

Of course, what better way to break me out of my current melancholia than to hang out with Maggie, one of the bubbliest personalities I had ever known in real life. Real life. There’s a laugh! I didn’t think I would recognize what real life was anymore, or if there ever was such a thing.

Vampires, Werewolves, Blood Bonds, Telepaths, and of course, Maggie the witch! Yeah, this is my real life now.

And who was this Godric guy? Was he part of her coven? I had no idea how long I would be gone, what to take with me, or where we would be going after we left Maggie’s for that matter. Before I could leave her, however, we’d be off to see some old geezer to listen to his sage advice or wisdom or whatever. Why did we need to travel to meet him? Was he too feeble to make the trip to New Orleans? I laughed out loud while still looking through the clothes in my closet.

I told Maggie I’d be there in a couple of hours. That gave me time to get ready and gather my things together. If I forgot anything I would just buy it while I was there or wherever we would be going next. I decided to just take a little of everything from worn-out jeans to a few dresses, including one that was very dressy and, admittedly, very sexy. Who knew what the next few days might hold in store for me? Although, to be honest, I packed more comfort clothes than anything else. I still needed to buy a new pair or two of yoga pants, but I could get those in New Orleans. I didn’t know my way around having only been there a few times and I’ll admit to not really remembering much about those trips. I was certain that she would be happy to go with me. She seemed happy about pretty much everything!

I just wanted, no needed, something to focus on, and whatever Maggie planned to tell me was sure to do that. I was nervous, but oddly and equally excited. Maybe she knew why everyone looked at me so peculiarly or why I couldn’t be glamoured? Was that normal? Was that how they kept everything so secret from the world? It had to be. They certainly didn’t seem to be living in the shadows. Well, other than the fact that they couldn’t go out into the sunlight.


Finally packed and alone on the road wearing jeans, black Chucks, a fitted black tee shirt with my hair in a ponytail, I started thinking over the reason why I was leaving in the first place, and the tears started forming in the corners of my eyes. Shouldn’t I at least have been given an explanation, something, anything? It was a one night stand. I deserved to know that going in though, didn’t I? Still, no one forced me. He would never force me! I might not know what the hell happened that made him leave so abruptly, but I knew that was true. I thought we were friends, but I made my choice to let him into my heart and he made his choice to be with me that night. I needed to accept that. I couldn’t continue to blame him for my actions. Only he made the last choice for both of us. I didn’t get a say and now I couldn’t even talk to him. Ugh! I’m not gonna cry damn it!

Sniffling, I turned on the radio to try to get my mind off of Eric. Finding nothing good, I plugged my iPod into the dashboard and pushed the shuffle button. I would just sing and get it out of my system before I arrived. Then I wouldn’t be all doom and gloom when I saw Maggie. I had an hour. Perfect!

I was a firm believer that when you played a song at random, you always heard what you needed in that moment. Some people did that with books by opening to any page and pointing at a sentence with their eyes closed. For me, it was random music. I rolled the window down and prepared to belt out whatever the little machine threw at me. No matter which song started playing, I was ready for it.

OK guurl, this is what you need right now! None of that pity party shit! Bring it on! I heard JP’s voice shout in my head, so I opened my mouth and let the words take me away. I pictured Eric in front of me, sitting at his table in the tavern, and listening. Yes, of course it was to him that I sang, wherever he was.

Come to me, run to me, do and be done with me

Cold, cold, cold

Don’t I exist for you, don’t I still live for you

Cold, cold, cold

Oh, come on, seriously? This was what I needed to hear right now? OK. Breathe. Get it out of your system now! Sooner is better than later, right?

Everything I possess, given with tenderness

Wrapped in a ribbon of glass

Time it may take us but God only knows

How I’ve paid for those things in the past

Nope, not just God, Eric knows, too.

Dying is easy, it’s living that

Scares me to death, oo yeah

I could be so content

Hearing the sound of your breath, oo yeah

Cold is the color of crystal the snowlight

That falls from the heavenly skies

Catch me and let me dive under

For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

How many times did I see crashing waves in those eyes? Oh Fuck! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! I was shouting at myself as I felt the tears making their presence known in the pools of my own eyes.

I want to be with you baby

Slip me inside of your heart

Don’t I belong to you baby?

Don’t you know that nothing can tear us apart?

Nothing except for him, that is. I don’t belong to anyone.

Come on now, come on now, come on now

Telling you that I loved you right from the start

But the more I want you the less I get

Ain’t that just the way things are

Just the way things are? Oh, fuck off Annie Lennox! No sorry, I take that back. I love you, Annie. It isn’t your fault. Damn that woman was good! I was wiping the tears with the back of my hand so I could see to drive. Just breathe.

Winter has frozen us, let love take hold of us

Cold, cold, cold

Now we are shivering, blue ice is glittering

Cold, cold, cold

Cold is the color of crystal the snowlight

That falls from the heavenly skies

Catch me and let me dive under

For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

Again with the fucking eyes!

Don’t you know it?

Cold, cold, cold

Just like his hands.

Cold, cold, cold

Just like his heart.

Cold, cold, cold

Just like him.

I really needed to get myself under control before I got to New Orleans. Fuck! I had a feeling I was going to have much more to think about than something as petty as a one night stand. It didn’t matter that it was the greatest night of my life. It was over. I would not feel sorry for myself. I would, however, feel sorry for him if I ever saw him again, right after I kicked his ass! Maybe I could convince Pam to help…if she was ever allowed to speak to me again.

I was well into my drive by then, and if the first song truly was what I had needed at that moment to clear my head, then I couldn’t imagine what was next! OK, Fate, what else ya’ got? One more for the road! I hit the shuffle button again and waited. I smiled when I heard the intro to the next song. I knew this was the one JP would have played if he were with me handing me my hairbrush.

So you think that you’re the one who’s up in score

Just cause you’re the first one walkin’ out the door

Well take it when you leave, I don’t need your sympathy

I might stay up drunk on wine,

Hurt like hell,

Ugly crying black mascara tears

I might lock my door,

Sleep with my phone,

Miss you bad for a month or so but let me tell you something my dear

I’m gonna be just fine but you’re never gonna find another love like mine

Oh no, no

Wow! This really was the song I needed to get my head on straight. Good call, JP! Even when he’s not here, he is always with me.

See I think you think that ‘new’ means better off

But the proof’s in the pudding once the shine is lost

So go and get yourself, a little taste of something else

I might stay up drunk on wine,

Hurt like hell,

Ugly crying black mascara tears

I might lock my door,

Sleep with my phone,

Miss you bad for a month or so but let me tell you something my dear

I’m gonna be just fine but you’re never gonna find another love like mine

I was driving along, feeling better, dancing to the beat, singing at the top of my lungs, and thinking about how much I was hoping Maggie liked wine as much as me.

It’s starting to sound like a good idea,

The more we’re standing here

I’m gonna stay up drunk on wine,

Hurt like hell,

Ugly crying black mascara tears

I’m gonna lock my door,

Sleep with my phone,

Miss you bad for a month or so but let me tell you something my dear

I’m gonna be just fine but you’re never gonna find, no

I was almost shouting it. I would be just fine! I’m finding that girl, Pam! No matter how many fangbangers or fangirls he fucks, he would never find anyone else like me!

I’m gonna be just fine but you’re never gonna find, no,

I’m gonna be just fine but you’re never gonna find, no,

Oh no no

Never gonna find another love like mine

Oh no no

When the song ended I felt great for about a minute. Then it hit me in the face that I was angry. In fact, my feelings went way beyond anger, I was livid. How dare he leave without a word! Common fucking courtesy would have warranted a fucking goodbye at the very least! Who did he think he was? Oh right, the untouchable, unfeeling, holier than thou, Professor Perfection, Eric Northman!

That asshole didn’t have any idea how much it took for me to be with him. No, wait a minute! He did know! He could feel it in the blood! He knew and he fucking left without talking to me anyway! Who does that? I opened up old scars and scabs because he asked me, and then he left! He left knowing full well that I had literally just told him I was left by those two other assholes! He re-popped my cherry and never even looked back. God, I’m an idiot! Then I started crying again, but I wasn’t sad anymore… At least not in that moment.


The drive went by quickly enough even though I chose not to tempt Fate with any more music. I went from low to high to just plain pissed off for awhile. I didn’t want to share my toys with her anymore.

I found the street easily enough and slowed to a snail’s pace, trying to find numbers on the front of the buildings. Of course there weren’t any, at least none that I could see. The architecture was old and unusual with iron balconies on each floor of almost every building. Overhanging vines and flowerpots were everywhere, each one in vibrant colors. I’d love to say I knew anything about time periods or styles, but I had no clue. I just knew each was beautiful in its’ own unique way.

I didn’t have to worry about marked buildings for too long because I looked up and spotted Maggie standing close to the edge of the sidewalk and waving her arms like an aircraft ground marshal. I was surprised she wasn’t wearing an orange vest and flagging me down with light sticks. I laughed at the excited look on her face. She was literally jumping up and down on her toes when I caught eyes with her and a wide smile graced her face. I couldn’t help the grin that grew on my face when I looked back at her.

I had forgotten how adorable she was though it had been less than a week since I’d seen her last. Her hair was loose and she was wearing a long, flowing, tie-dyed skirt in shades of purple and green with a white, cap-sleeve top that buttoned up the front, gathered at the waist, and the hem hanging down over the top of the skirt. It had a purple satin ribbon weaved through the top of the blouse that tied in a bow in the front above her breasts. Like I said, adorable.

I parked on the side of the street where she had apparently been saving a spot for me. I turned off the car and popped the trunk. When I climbed out she was already pulling my suitcase from the back.

“I’ll get that, Maggie! It’s very heavy,” I reached for it as she hoisted it over the edge with a grunt and let the wheels hit the ground. I cringed a little hoping they hadn’t broken.

“Oh, don’t be silly!” she said right before she pulled me into a tight embrace. She was stronger than she looked. You would think we were long-lost sisters or best friends who had known each other for decades the way she squeezed the breath out of me.

“My God, Cricket, I am so excited that you came! I just knew you would. I saw you with your empty suitcase, and I knew I needed to call you right in that minute and catch you to make sure you came here!”

What the hell?

“OK. Before you cut me off this time… What do you mean you saw me?”

“You’re so silly!” she said as she pulled the handle up on the rolling suitcase and handed it to me. She then looped her arm through mine and began leading me toward the back of an adjacent building.

“Um, OK.”

We walked to the back door of the building, an apartment building apparently, and entered. I looked up and saw stairs, lots and lots of stairs. The staircase was a little narrow and she let go of my arm before proceeding to start her way up.

“Is there an elevator?”

She just giggled at me and shook her head as she continued on. I took a deep breath and let it out while I started up the steps myself. I hoped her apartment wasn’t at the top. The stairs went up four flights!

Of course it was, and I was out of breath and dragging my bag behind me once we finally reached the top. I also felt over-dressed in my jeans, feeling the oppressive heat of the stairway. However, once we entered her apartment, cool air washed over me and I quickly followed her inside, closing the door behind me to keep the cool air in.

“Oh, this is heavenly,” I breathed out, closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of the sweat turning cool on my brow. Thank God my hair was in a ponytail or it would have been stuck to the sides of my face!

She giggled again and took the handle of my suitcase, heading toward one of the doors in the back.

“I know! It’s great, isn’t it! Cool air and no bill to pay!”

“Really? The utilities are included? That’s fantastic! Did you get this rent-controlled or something? I can’t imagine someone including air conditioning in an area with so much heat in the rent.”

She looked at me as if that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard and giggled again. I loved her little giggle.

“No, well, yes, it is rent-controlled, but, no, it’s not air conditioned.”

“Then how is it so cool in here? It’s like walking into a breeze,” I marveled.

“Magic,” she whispered and winked.

Oh right…because she’s a witch.

“Well, if you can keep it so cool in here, why don’t you take care of the staircase? It’s hot as hell out there.”

“I didn’t say it was strong magic. I can really only control this space. Octavia owns the building which is the only reason my rent is so low. The air is mainly taken care of by the plants, herbs, and tokens set around the apartment with a little nudge from me.”

I looked around and saw several kinds of statues, crystals, and plants in every free space on the shelves and tables. I doubted they were all there to keep the air cool, but at that moment, I wasn’t ready to ask. Instead I quickly followed her down the hall.

She opened the door to what looked like a spare bedroom. It was painted lilac with green ivy vines painted around the top border of the room. There was a queen-size four-poster bed covered in a white quilt adorned with tiny purple flowers. She must really like purple! The room was completely furnished with a beautiful antique vanity and dresser in cherry wood that matched the posters of the bed. I noticed more crystals on a shelf in the corner and what looked like some kind of Goddess mixed in with them. There was only one painting on the wall of a meadow covered in, yes, purple violets and tall weeping willows surrounding the meadow. I giggled a little when I looked at it.

“I know, I know, too much purple!”

“Not at all! I love purple. The walls are almost the same color as my duffle bag,” my voice broke a little thinking of the monogrammed bag JP had given to me.

Man, I missed him already and he’d only been gone one day! I wondered if I should call or text him now or wait until later. I didn’t want to wake him. I knew he was staying up all night with Russell and it was still before noon. There wasn’t a time difference. Besides, how could I explain I was with Maggie in New Orleans when he thought I was spending the rest of the week at home with Eric? Maybe I shouldn’t call him at all. He would see right through me. I decided I would wait to hear from him.

“I knew this was the room you should sleep in. Purple is perfect for you. It will give you peace of mind.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s the color of good judgment, spiritual fulfillment, and a symbol of magic. Violet also helps develop imagination and creativity. Wagner surrounded himself with it when he was composing his operas. Oh, and it’s great for meditation.”

“I don’t meditate.”

“Yet,” she giggled.

“Wow! I feel like I’ve just read the purple page of the witch’s encyclopedia of colors.”

She smiled wide and shrugged.

“Why don’t you get settled and I’ll meet you in the living room when you’re done. The bathroom is across the hall,” she said as she hugged me again.

I stopped her as she let me go and started to leave by placing my hand on her arm.

“Maggie, I’m glad to be here and I’m happy you called, but I really need to know what you keep referring to when you say you know I have a lot going on and that you saw me getting ready to pack.”

“Cricket, relax, hon. There’s plenty of time. I’ll see you shortly,” she gave me a little wave and left the room.

Well, that didn’t tell me a God damn thing! What is she hiding?


Cold – Annie Lennox

Love Like Mine – Hayden Panettiere



Chelsea ‘Cricket’ Kerrigan played by Aurelia Gliwiski


Maggie played by Kathy Najimy


Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman



A/N: Thank you, MsBuffy, for your brilliant editing and your continuous support!! Thank you, American Android for your exquisite banner!

And a HUGE thanks to all of you, my readers, for jumping in to continue this adventure with me (and Cricket)! I love you all! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Kittyinaz says:

    Yeah for more chapters, but dang is Maggie hyper!!

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  2. mom2goalies says:

    So excited to see this update!!! Hmmm…Will Maggie really explain things to Cricket or will she keep talking in riddles? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    • kinnik7104 says:

      I’m glad to see you’re so excited. There are exciting things to come…at least I hope you think so! Maggie’s a bit hyper and excited, so I think she might need to calm down a bit before they get down to business. 🙂 Thanks for staying with me and leaving a review! I hope you continue to enjoy the madness that is Cricket’s life.


  3. Great opening chapter, can’t wait to read more. Poor Cricket – What on earth, is Eric thinking? Thank you. 😄

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  4. Thanks for this update! !!!
    Does Maggie have some sort of crystal ball to forsee the future! ?
    I’m wondering how she saw Cricket all alone with her empty suitcase…
    But I like Maggie, she will help Cricket to realise how many new adventures there are for her, crying over Eric will have to wait!
    Loved those songs…
    Can’t wait for more.

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  5. mindyb781 says:

    I was so excited when I saw this in my inbox ! I’m very excited for this story. Maggie is a hoot, I can’t wait to find out what she knows. Poor Cricket needs some good news. And I’m still curious about Godric and of course Eric . Can’t wait 😊

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  6. Maggie is such a hoot! loving her so much! 😀

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  7. jc52185 says:

    Maggie is a whirlwind…a good one though. I think you made a great decision in starting here.

    I agree with Cricket about the music lol. It can be such an outlet and it does allow us to hear what we need at the time, because of how we will interpret it or which line will stick out to us. It’s one of the ways we escape. It’s also good to see her mourning a bit. I had a feeling the anger would come at some point and she has every right to be. It will just make things all the more interesting when they meet up again.

    Cause that better be happening lol.

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    • kinnik7104 says:

      Yeah, I think it was the right call to begin where we left off, too. I had my doubts, as you know, but it was better to just get her on the road. LOL Cricket’s emotions are all over the place right now. I don’t think she knows which one to focus on at the moment. Thank God for music! As for your last statement…patience… 😉

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    • msbuffy says:

      Absolutely! Music soothes the soul and is a great outlet for our emotions, whatever they may be. I love how kinnik incorporates music into her stories! It’s so much fun to research the songs and choose just which ones fit the scenes. She’s so good at it!

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  8. msbuffy says:

    Feels good to be back in this little universe, doesn’t it? I love this story and your characters! They just fit so perfectly with the SVM/TB characters that I can’t even tell they’re NOT originals anymore. Well, I guess they are now. They’re kinnik originals! Welcome back! Now let’s have some fun! 🙂

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    Kids are in bed – time to read FF! Hooray! I really wanted to start the sequel and I have – hooray again! Can’t wait to find out the answer to the ‘what are you?’ question for Cricket. I still think siren.

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