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Chapter 5

“I’m a Siren?”

“Yes! Woohoo!” shouted Maggie, jumping up from her seat like a Jack-in-the-Box. Her hands were practically trembling and she looked as if she was trying to expel energy as she shook them out, “Oh, yeah, and I knew it! I knew Octavia would see it and agree with me! I have been DYING to tell you! I just knew I was right! I mean, I know I told you that we’d talked about it, but she was skeptical. I knew all along! It’s been killing me to keep my mouth shut! I can’t believe I figured it out all by myself! A Siren! A real Siren! Do you realize how amazing this is?! I just knew I would figure it out!” She was walking around, bouncing on her toes, and practically high-fiving herself. It was almost as if she had forgotten this was about me and, to some extent, Octavia.

Although Octavia had initially smiled, it appeared she was becoming slightly miffed the longer Maggie went on about her accomplishment. I felt the need to intercede before Octavia could get more irritated.

“OK. Well, I‘ll admit that’s not what I was expecting. I mean, actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All the cryptic remarks have been driving me crazy, but a Siren? Of all the supernatural beings, that’s just one more thing I didn’t even know was real. Are there many of…us? Hey! Wait a minute! Aren’t Sirens evil?”

Octavia smiled then and looked at me with excitement in her eyes.

“I can honestly say I’ve never encountered one! Truth be told, I didn’t know they still existed, certainly not in my lifetime, but there is no mistaking it now. Not after I’ve heard you. You really are quite amazing,” she said in awe, “It is true that Sirens had a rather horrible reputation. They were beautiful winged women born of the Muse Melpomene, and were referred to as ‘Muses of the Lower World’. Their beauty was intoxicating and further fueled the rumors of the draw to them and their fairylike seductions. It was written that they lured sailors by the songs of their enchanted voices. The ships would crash into the large rocks off the coast of their islands, sinking into the deep water and, of course, drowning the men on board,” she said almost wistfully.

“That does not sound at all promising for me! How can you be so enthralled by these heinous creatures? Wait a minute! Oh God, does this mean I’m suddenly going to sprout wings?!” I asked, slightly panicking.

“No. You are not a full Siren, and they were given their wings. At one point, the Sirens lost their wings and were relegated to live in beautiful meadows near the coast of the ocean on three islands referred to as Sirenum scopuli, hence the origin of their name. Still, there are many legends. Some believe they were mermaids or water fairies who traded their feathers for mermaids’ tails. I thought they had become extinct around the fourth century.”

“So, I’m right. They were evil. Does this mean that’s my true nature?”

“No, child, you are not evil. From all that I have seen, you are kind and full of love, only you find yourself currently in a battle between the feelings of your heart and what you believe your head is trying to tell you to ignore. As for the evil nature of the Sirens, I don’t believe it was their intention to lure men to their death despite the stories. Their haunting music forecasted bad weather and should have served as a warning. There are also some tales of them attempting to save those who fell into the water. Theoretically, this is where the mermaid legend came into play. I believe their voices could cause great storms, attempting to keep the ships from coming too close to them and their rocky islands. Unfortunately, the sound was so beautiful and alluring that once heard, it caused the listener to want more than to seek them out, consequently having the opposite effect. The storms only aided in the destruction of the sailors’ vessels. Just because this is a part of your heritage does not mean that it changes the person you are. Having this gift in your voice does not dictate that you will choose one day to seduce and lure men to their deaths. In fact, I would find it quite surprising, if not improbable, for you to harm anyone with your voice,” Octavia smiled kindly at me.

“I did it though,” I said quietly.

“What!?” they both asked, shocked.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure how it happened, but once when I was in danger I screamed, more like shrieked, and it caused the person who heard me to cover their ears as if in pain,” I said, recalling the night I fell off the ladder on the school’s fire escape, and the subsequent dream I had, the one that I believed had shown me what really happened after I’d screamed.

“Were you intentionally trying to cause harm?” Octavia asked cautiously.

“No! Of course not! I was terrified!”

“What happened to this person?”

“Nothing after I stopped screaming, as far as I know. I mean, I didn’t kill them if that’s what you’re asking,” I didn’t want to reveal it was Eric who heard me. Why does everything come back to him?

We all sat in silence after my admission. I don’t know what they were thinking, but my mind seemed stuck on the fact that I was in some way related to these ancient women who may or may not have been trying to kill people. I took another swallow from the flask and passed it to Maggie’s outstretched hand. She did the same, taking a large drink before handing it off to Octavia who followed suit.

“If you were afraid, that was an instinctual reaction. Most anyone would scream if in fear or danger. That is not the same as intentionally and knowingly trying to lure someone to their death. Besides, the person didn’t die anyway,” Octavia said after another drink, obviously trying to lighten the moment.

“I don’t feel bad; I didn’t know I was doing anything harmful. At that moment, I don’t think I would’ve cared if I had known,” I said.

Well, I might’ve cared if I had known it was Eric. Of course, I wouldn’t have fallen if I’d known it was him. Then again, I wouldn’t have had his blood if I hadn’t fallen. According to Octavia though, that may not have made any difference if she was correct regarding the other connections between us. The fact was that it did happen, so there was no point in speculating on the ‘what if’.

“So, what else do you know about Sirens?” I asked, uncertain if I was ready, still needing to know as much as possible.

“Actually, I’m sorry to say that’s really all I can tell you at this time. I’m simply not as well-versed on this subject because I had believed they had all perished. I didn’t have enough time last night to do much more research after you left, but I will,” Octavia said apologetically.


“Then let’s go!” Maggie squealed out of the blue.

“Right! I had almost forgotten we were going on an outing!” Octavia exclaimed.

“OK. I guess if there’s nothing left to talk about for now, we should go do whatever you planned for us,” I said somewhat dejectedly.

Maggie walked over and grasped my hand, giving it a light squeeze when I stood.

“Don’t worry, Cricket! We’ll find out everything we can. Now, let’s go and have some fun!” she said with a bright smile.

I returned her smile. When I thought about it, there was really nothing to be upset over, not really. They had told me what I was, and given me all the information they knew. It was actually a relief to finally know something. Just because Octavia didn’t know they, rather, we, still existed, didn’t mean there weren’t others. She said she thought they died out in the 300’s. A sudden thought occurred to me. Russell was three-thousand-years old! Surely he would know more! I certainly have no intention of tracking Eric down to ask him! There would be no harm in asking Russell, I knew him, and he was hooking up with my best friend after all. My smile grew as we walked out of the apartment, Maggie’s arm now looped with mine, and Octavia walking slightly in front of us, leading the way as her door closed and locked behind us.

“Are you going to tell us our destination yet?” Maggie giggled. She was so giddy about our outing.

It didn’t matter to me where we went. My mind was on learning more, and today would just be more singing while they observed me, like a zoo exhibit. OK. That wasn’t fair. Octavia really was trying to help and I guess Maggie was, too, in her own way. I was still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.

“We are going to the Riverfront!” Octavia said with a lift in her voice.

Maggie released my arm and clapped her hands together, almost hopping with excitement. I took along drink of my coffee. Oh boy!


We drove the short distance to the Riverfront and Octavia instructed Maggie to drive past the Riverwalk Area. I sat in the back, watching the unfamiliar scenery pass by, and doing my best to keep my mind clear as to not overwhelm myself with doubts or questions. I knew they would come later regardless, but I didn’t want to drown myself in them just right then. We traveled parallel to and along the entire length of the wooden walkway, passing the tourist sections, and moving on until we left the populated area. Octavia led us off the main street to a dirt road, parked in a small offset area, and then we left the car. We continued on foot along a dirt path to a secluded spot far down the bank where the vegetation grew thicker on both sides of the trail we were following. You could hear animals in the trees and surrounding area. If I hadn’t known the water was the Mississippi River, I might have thought we were heading toward a swamp. Had I known our destination, I might have re-thought my choice of footwear. A heads up would have been nice!

Finally, we reached the edge of a small drop-off about ten feet above the water. Spanish moss covered the trunks of the cypress trees that lined the pseudo-cliff area. I could hear the waves lapping at the mudded wall below, and watched boats far off in the distance leisurely sail down the river. I hoped she was not expecting me to cause said boats to turn toward us at the sound of my voice, or worse yet, to cause a storm or winds like she said the Sirens were capable of doing.

“We are here,” Octavia said in a reverent voice, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Very, and so peaceful,” I said quietly as not to disturb any part of nature there.

“What are you gonna sing, Cricket?!” Maggie squealed, disrupting the calm moment, and causing the rustling sounds of animals scurrying away with her exuberantly loud voice.

“Quiet, Amelia!” Octavia admonished in a whisper-yell.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“Take your time, child. Close your eyes and listen to the water,” Octavia said to me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the fresh air.

“Listen to the forest animals, the insects, frogs, and birds all around going about their day-to-day business. They are at peace and content. Let the feeling wash over you,” she continued in a low voice.

I could hear everything she had described and though I knew they were behind me somewhere, I stood alone on the ledge facing the water.

“You, child, are a Siren and the water will bring you the peace you need to clear your mind,” she continued quietly.

I waited to hear the music in my head, but all I heard was Octavia.

“Let go of the questions, the doubts, the worries you have, and sing whatever is in your heart, not your head. The water will tell you what to sing.”

At that, I turned quickly and looked right at her.

“Octavia, please excuse my rudeness, but you aren’t helping. If you want me to try to get in touch with my inner self, or nature, or whatever the hell it is you are looking for me to do… Can you… Would you… I need you to stop talking!” I said abruptly. Give me some credit, I wanted to say, ‘Shut the Fuck Up!’

They both looked at me in surprise, and then Octavia gave me an apologetic smile and nodded. I turned around again, trying to focus once more on the sounds while I closed my eyes. I probably shouldn’t have been so rude. Seriously, who tells someone to listen to the sounds of nature, and then continues to run their own fucking mouth? I shook that off, and tried to concentrate on what I was feeling now that I had essentially a new identity. As calm as I was, I felt no peace. Thoughts of what everything meant were swirling, almost dizzying. What came out of my mouth was, yet again, not what I had intended or expected.

Every day is one more inch of a slow blade sinking in

Vision fading, suffocating inside my own skin

And I’m fighting a stranger in my eyes

And I know that only one of us will survive

If I can’t save us I’ve got to save myself

For the first time I felt like I was pleading with myself through the words.

I can’t stay here in this place,

I’m slowly freaking out, I’m slowly freaking out

I can’t breathe

You’re addicting

I’m slowly freaking out, I’m slowly freaking out

And out and out again

I heard Octavia gasp somewhere behind me, but I ignored the sound as I was overcome with my internal struggle and confusion overtook all other thoughts.

Enigmatic, stuck like static

This feeling I can’t shake

But just remember that I warned you

My will can never break

And I’m fighting a stranger in my eyes

And I know that only one of us will survive

If I can’t save us I’ve got to save myself

Octavia was right about one thing for certain, I wasn’t singing for anyone else. I was turning myself inside-out right in front of them, and I couldn’t stop it.

I can’t stay here in this place,

I’m slowly freaking out, I’m slowly freaking out

I can’t breathe

You’re addicting

I’m slowly freaking out, I’m slowly freaking out

I can’t stay in this place,

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe, you’re addicting

I’m slowly freaking out, I’m slowly freaking out

And out and out again

There was complete silence when I finished. I realized that, at some point, I had fallen to my knees, my hands were clasped together pressed tightly against my stomach, and my face was wet from tears that I didn’t know had fallen. Fuck me! That was intense! I could still feel the tightness in my chest from whatever emotions I had just experienced. I opened my eyes and for a split second, it seemed as though nothing was moving, as if the world had stopped. There was no wind, and even the water appeared to be completely still, not one ripple could be seen.

I blinked, and everything started again. Instantly, the lapping of the waves could be heard as well as all the other sounds of animals, wind, leaves rustling, insects, and birds chirping. I looked down at the water and I could see what appeared to be a school of fish just below where I knelt. They were jumping! It almost looked like dancing. My brow furrowed and I leaned forward, peering closer to them over the edge.

“My God,” I heard Octavia whisper behind me.

“Cricket,” Maggie said, suddenly next to me.

I looked up at her hand and took it. She helped me to my feet.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

I wiped my eyes with the back of my hands before dusting off the knees of my jeans.

“Yeah, fine,” I said with a slightly shaky voice.

“Are you sure, child?” Octavia asked hesitantly from my other side.

“It just took a lot out of me.”

“That’s how you feel?” Maggie asked.

“I guess so,” I laughed humorlessly.

“Oh, Cricket!” she exclaimed as she pulled me into a tight embrace.

I could feel her shaking. I hugged her back before pulling away. Then I took a look at her, at both of them. They appeared very distressed and had obviously been crying hard just moments ago.

“Are you guys OK?”

“Fine,” they quickly answered simultaneously.

Octavia was looking at me curiously, almost cautiously. It was eerily similar to the way the people had looked at me in the tavern, the Supernatural people.

“What?” I asked her, a little harshly.

“Nothing,” she said, waving me off.

“You’re lying. What is it, Octavia? What just happened? I thought…” I stopped. I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed.

“You thought what?” she quickly prompted.

“Everything just…stopped.”

She continued to look at me and I watched as Maggie looked back and forth between us.

“Forget it. It’s ridiculous,” I said, dismissing it quickly.

“Should we go?” Maggie asked nervously.

“We can if you want or I can sing again, but I’ll need a minute first, I think.”

“No,” Octavia said curtly, and then she turned and headed back toward the path.

“What pissed her off?” I asked Maggie in a barely audible whisper.

“I’m not sure,” she replied in kind.

“I can hear you, and pissed is not what I am!” Octavia called back to us without turning around.

It sounded funny the way she said it, but I didn’t dare laugh. Instead, the two of us quickly hurried to catch up.

“Then what the hell is your problem?” I asked when we reached her. I was not returning to the game of God damn riddles!

She stopped, turned abruptly, and looked straight at me, stopping me in my tracks. Her mouth opened as if she was going to say something. I wasn’t sure if she was going to yell at me or tell me what was the matter, but just as quickly, it closed. She closed her eyes, turned, and began walking again. What the fuck?

“Maybe you’re the one slowly freaking out, Octavia. Maybe that song was for you,” I said sarcastically.

She stopped again, but didn’t turn around. Her head lowered and she shook it back and forth, pressing her fingers to her temples.

“Octavia, are you all right?” Maggie asked, rushing to her side.

I, on the other hand, walked on past them. If she had something to say, she could fucking say it! I had a hundred fucking, million questions for this woman and I knew she had all the answers, but I was not going to beg for information. I could hear them talking quietly behind me, but at the rate I was walking, I couldn’t hear anything. Then I heard Maggie gasp. Oh for fuck’s sake! I rolled my eyes, but kept walking until I reached the car.

I waited for them, leaning against the locked door. A few minutes later the doors unlocked as they approached. Neither said a word to me while we climbed in the car. We drove for a few minutes until Maggie pulled into the parking lot next to the Riverwalk, and they began to exit the car.

“Oh, hell, no!” I said, stopping them and sounding very much like JP. Shit! Did I make him feel like this when he wanted me to tell him something?

They both turned in their seats and looked at me.

“Octavia wants you to sing where there are other people around. She said that…” Maggie began to say until I interrupted her.

“I don’t give a flying fuck what Octavia wants! If Octavia wants something from me, Octavia can ask me, right after she tells me what just happened back there,” I said, never taking my eyes off Octavia.

“Child, you don’t understand.”

“You’re damn right I don’t! So why don’t you be a grown up and explain it to me?”

We sat there staring at each other for a few minutes. My mind was kicking into overdrive wondering what could possibly have changed. Did she know the song? Did it mean something to her? I was practically wearing a sign that said, ‘Hey, come on over and feel everything I feel!’, and she couldn’t give me one sentence?

“Seriously, I can’t take another day of evasiveness! I just can’t! I’m sorry if that song upset you, Octavia. I don’t even know where it came from,” I added in a softer tone.

Maggie began crying quietly and Octavia looked pensive, staring past me out the side window.

“That’s not it, Cricket. I was upset when you sang, but not in the way you think,” Octavia said.

“Then what upset you?”

“I was upset because you were upset, and so was Maggie. It had nothing to do with me on a personal level.”

“So, my feelings upset you so much you had to leave?”

“No. It’s not that. I just don’t know if I can be of any help to you. I would like to hear you sing again on the walkway out to the water, but this time where you’ll have an audience. Do you mind?”

“Are you still trying to prove something or figure something out about me?”


“Fine, but I want my iPod. I need a random song this time. It will tell me what I need to hear.”

“All right.”

Maggie had not said a word, and silently she drove us back to the apartment building. After getting her keys, I ran up to the apartment and retrieved the music player from my suitcase. I was very tempted to stop in the kitchen to chug a glass of wine, but I refrained. The sooner I went back down; the sooner I could get some answers. Octavia might not know more about Sirens, but she knew something about what happened at the river. I also knew she had much more knowledge about vampires and blood ties than I probably ever would. I was beginning to wonder what it meant for a vampire to have a tie to another supernatural being, seeing as apparently I needed to accept that’s what I was. Was it any different to the one they shared with a human?

I returned to the car and climbed back in. As soon as I landed in the seat, the flask was passed to me. I looked at Octavia with grateful eyes and took three quick pulls from it. She nodded and turned to face the front. I slid the flask into my bag. I had a feeling I wasn’t done with it yet.


We returned to the Riverfront, and then the three of us strode onto the walkway. Maggie and Octavia were walking behind me while I slowly meandered along, looking at the water and the people passing by. No one took much notice of us, which was fine with me. I saw an open area against one of the railings away from the others and went to stand by it. I leaned against the railing and looked out over the river. I knew they would take a seat on a bench somewhere behind me once I found the spot I wanted. I didn’t want to make a big production out of singing, and I certainly didn’t want it to feel like I was on stage, so I put in my earbuds and prepared to give myself over to whatever song was heading my way while I watched the waves beat against the bank below.

Something occurred to me at that moment that plunged the dagger right back into my confused and aching heart. Was the only reason Eric had chosen to be with me due to the Siren’s call? He had said more than once that he was drawn to me and didn’t understand why. Was it solely my voice that he had been drawn to? I didn’t want it to be true. I would rather pretend that…what? That I actually meant something to him? I didn’t give my head a chance to think any further. I hit shuffle and closed my eyes tightly. There would be time for thinking later. Please give me something I need right now! I begged of my little music player while I closed my eyes, waiting for Fate to take another shot at me.

Feeling broken

Barely holding on

But there’s just something so strong

Somewhere inside me

And I am down, but I’ll get up again

Don’t count me out just yet

I’ve been brought down to my knees

And I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,

But I can take it

I’ll be back –

Back on my feet

This is far from over

You haven’t seen the last of me

You haven’t seen the last of me

I could feel strength and determination building in me as the words flowed out, it was like a breath of fresh air. I’d been so mixed up and the words were grounding me. This was what I needed!

They can

Say that

I won’t stay around

But I’m gonna stand my ground

You’re not gonna stop me

You don’t know me, you don’t know who I am

Don’t count me out so fast

I’ve been brought down to my knees

And I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,

But I can take it

I’ll be back –

Back on my feet

This is far from over

You haven’t seen the last of me

I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as saying it. I had to try. I needed to hold on to the feelings coursing through me in that moment. I felt the power in my voice grow and I belted it out to the water in front of me, opening my eyes, singing out to whatever or whomever was listening.

There will be no fade-out

This is not the end

I’m down now

But I’ll be standing tall again

Times are hard but

I was built tough

I’m gonna show you all what I’m made of

I had to believe it! I hoped the feeling would last. I knew I was opening myself up for a whole new world of hurt if it didn’t. If that’s why he was drawn to me, then so be it! Apparently, it’s who I was, even if I didn’t know it at the time. He didn’t care enough to stay and find out.

I’ve been brought down to my knees

I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking,

But I can take it I’ll be back –

Back on my feet This is far from over


You haven’t seen the last of me

I knew the pain wasn’t over for me, not yet. I didn’t know when it would be, but I knew eventually I would accept it. I would get through whatever came next.

No, no, I’m not going nowhere

I’m staying right here

Oh, no you won’t see me fade out

I’m not taking my bow

Can’t stop me It’s not the end

You haven’t seen the last of me

Oh, no –

You haven’t seen the last of me

You haven’t seen the last of me

This was going to be a hard road. I had many things to get straight in my mind, but when I finished singing, I felt relieved. I had been forgetting who I was inside with all the emotional upheaval and the new knowledge about myself. I could handle it! Damn straight!

I pulled out my earbuds and tucked them in my pocket before I turned around. When I did, I noticed that I had drawn quite the crowd and they were applauding. Some had tears in their eyes, but many were standing tall, and looking empowered as I had been a moment ago. I smiled and thanked them. I saw Octavia and Maggie walk through the crowd and approach me. I smiled wider.

“Feeling better?” Maggie asked, smiling herself.

“Much,” I replied honestly.

Octavia was smiling, but it was tentative. What now? I could see she still had the wheels turning. There were murmured compliments and a few people reached out to shake my hand as we walked past. I smiled and shook each of them, nodding in thanks.

“I’m starving! Let’s eat!” Maggie exclaimed.

“Sounds good to me. I’d like to sit for a while,” I said.

“We can go to the bistro we went to yesterday!” she said excitedly.

So we did.


It was mid-day and we were sitting outside on the bistro patio. There was a wrought iron fence that surrounded the area and a dozen tables with flower-printed umbrellas were scattered. The table legs matched the style of the fence. It was exactly the kind of place you could spend an afternoon with friends. I would need to mention to Dan that he should create something like this attached to the tavern. I could see it being very popular. I was sure he was more than likely seeing an increase in business now that the filming was done. No doubt he was able to obtain autographs and perhaps even photographs of the ‘actors’ while they were there. We sat in a corner in the back with a view of everyone in the area as well as the people passing on the street. There were flower pots everywhere, just like the apartment building balconies. It was a beautiful place. I couldn’t wait to bring JP to see it.

I was exhausted from the gambit of emotions and the dichotomy of the two songs, which for me seemed on opposite ends of the spectrum. As for what I was feeling, well, it was a mixture of both. I was still freaking out, but I also felt I could hold my own in anything, almost anything, that is. The whole idea of Octavia telling me I needed to see Eric put me back in freak-out mode, and I simply couldn’t dwell on the improbability of that happening. Seeing him in my dreams was enough and I had accepted that that would continue to be my new normal, as if part of my night time routine. Then again, if any of my dreams were like the previous night, I wouldn’t complain too much.

I still hoped to speak to Octavia about the blood tie without Maggie around. She would know immediately it was Eric, and I didn’t want to get into that conversation with her. I didn’t want to explain. Frankly, I couldn’t explain what happened. I didn’t really know myself. I needed to call JP. Chances were that Maggie had already told Octavia everything she had seen and that would include Eric, but I just couldn’t bring myself to admit that out loud to her. Childish? Yes. Necessary for now? Definitely!

The waiter checked on our table, bringing a newly-opened bottle of Merlot and refilling my glass before asking around if we needed anything. We told him we were fine and he left after depositing the bottle on the table. God, why am I drinking so much lately?! I realized after Maggie had mentioned it that I, too, was ravenous. So, of course, I needed wine to go with my lunch!

The conversation was light considering the morning we’d had. They were quiet for the most part, and my mind wandered between what it is to be a Siren and the ever-felt presence and absence of Mr. Eric Northman. That’s normal, right? I took a sip of my wine and looked at my companions.

“So, Octavia, are you ready to tell me what had you so perplexed and upset earlier?”

They had both been relaxed and quiet until I asked my question. Immediately, there was a palpable tension at our little table. Maggie looked at Octavia who closed her eyes and took a deep breath before polishing off her glass of wine. I refilled it as I made eye contact with her and arched one eyebrow. Well? It said clearly.

“All right, child, I will tell you. You may not like the answer, but I have no other way to explain it.”

“Take your time. I am trying to sort out so many things right now in my head that I need all the information I can get.”

“Do you remember when I mentioned that it was believed by many, myself included, that the Sirens music could bring on storms, and cause the wind and waves to rise in an attempt to keep the ships from their islands?”

“Yes,” I said. Of course I did! It was one of the things I was afraid of doing when she asked me to sing on the small cliff.

“You see, when you sang, it was a song of great passion, heartbreak, confusion, turmoil, and loss.”

“I know. It wrenched me from the inside-out. I still don’t know where it came from.”

“Obviously, it came from all that is inside you. Everything you are struggling with was trying to surface against your will. I could feel it as deeply as you did, and I felt as if I was being torn apart within your struggle.”

I nodded.

“As I watched you and watched what was happening all around, I realized that I am not the one to help you through this,” she said with a sad smile.

“Meaning what? You aren’t going to try to help me anymore?”

“No! It is not that at all. It is only that nothing happened the way I had surmised. I could feel there is so much you aren’t saying, and I simply do not have the knowledge that you need.”

“What does that mean that nothing happened like you thought? Nothing happened. There was no great storm or anything remotely like that. In fact, that was when I felt like the world had stopped for a split second.”

“In some way, I think it did. The animals had come from the foliage and were watching you as raptly as we were. They were as attentive as the people on the walkway. They were almost moving with your voice, but I could sense their distress coinciding with yours and then it…simply stopped. They stopped moving. As much as it is possible, the animals stopped when you did, and then suddenly departed en masse. It is one of the most inexplicable things I have ever seen.”

“You mean things really did stop moving? The water? Everything?”

“I have to research. I need to study. I won’t be able to help you until I know more and I am unsure of where to find the answers you need. What I witnessed today doesn’t make sense from what I know of history and…there is someone I want you to go see, a friend of mine of sorts,” she said, desperate for me to understand and seeking forgiveness for her failure. I could tell this was a woman who was unaccustomed to being at a loss of explanation.

“Is it that old Godric guy?”

Octavia shot a glare to Maggie, who looked down at her glass similar to that of a naughty child whose hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

“Octavia, I…” Maggie looked at her pleadingly.

“What did you tell her?” Octavia asked in a stern voice. Yes, Maggie definitely got caught with the cookies.

“Nothing! All I said was that I figured you would send us to talk to him.”

“What’s the big deal? She said he was nice. She said you would probably think he would know more. Hell, you just said you wanted me to see him. Why are you upset?” I asked.

“You must understand, child. Theirs is a secret that has been kept for millennia,” she whispered looking around at the other patrons.

“Is he something different?” I asked, slightly unnerved by her remark. Obviously, he was some kind of Supernatural being and they all were secret. They all kept secrets, both their own and of others. Was she going to get into trouble or was Maggie? I couldn’t imagine what else he could be. I had already met so many ‘others’. Good God, what is he?

Octavia clasped Maggie’s hand gently, and they both closed their eyes. Octavia began speaking too low for me to hear and Maggie joined her, repeating the words in a language I didn’t understand. After a moment they stopped and Octavia looked at me seriously.

“We may speak freely now,” she said.

“What did you do? Nothing seems different,” I said, looking around at the other people in the area that I could still hear plainly.

“I placed a privacy spell around us. We can hear everything, but no one can hear us unless they step inside the boundary,” she said as she waved off the returning waiter without looking at him. Without batting an eye, his course changed, even without any acknowledgement that he had been heading our way as he passed to approach another table.

“OK. So, now you can tell me about him?”

“Just because we are under this protection does not mean I am willing here in the open to say much. He has many enemies, and it would not be safe for us to speak openly about him or anyone. There are spies of all sorts everywhere. I will not be the one to break confidence and put him in danger inadvertently.”

“What the hell, Octavia? You just said you are sending me to him. Is he dangerous? Are these spies going to follow me?”

“No. If they do not know your destination or who you are going to see, there will be no problem. However, as I said, I will maintain his trust.”

“You can always just talk to Eric about it,” Maggie said to me casually with a shrug.

I closed my eyes tightly at her mention of his name. I could feel my insides twisting, thinking about what she had just revealed to Octavia, and the feelings that just erupted in my mind and heart.

“No!” I said, looking at Maggie trying to keep my voice steady, but probably failing.

“Why not?” she asked perplexed.

I didn’t answer. I simply glared at her to drop it before I returned my attention to Octavia. Her eyes were wide and her brows lifted in what looked like true surprise.

“The Norse Man?” Octavia asked in a hushed voice.

“Yes,” I said in a tight voice.

“How did you come to know him?”

Was she kidding?

“What are you talking about? I mean, he is the star of the show I was filming. Well, he’s one of main characters, or pretends to be, or whatever. Anyway, how do you think I know all about all of them?”

“I don’t watch television and, surprisingly, Maggie didn’t say anything. He is one who keeps the secret very guarded. I cannot fathom that he, above all the others, would reveal anything to you. He is an Ancient!”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t worry. He didn’t tell me anything directly. I figured it out. I figured them all out little by little. That’s what I meant when I told you I was trying to prove something that night at the tavern,” I said.

“I didn’t realize. I assumed you being a supernatural yourself would have sensed it on your own,” and then her eyes widened with a new realization, “He is your vampire!”

Ugh! This is not the where this conversation is supposed to be going!

“We are not talking about that again, period. I told you, it is moot,” I said definitively.

“I will not press you, but to tell you the truth, this is very surprising news.”

“Yeah, I can see that from the way you’re reacting. Anyway, I’m not going to talk to him about this or anything else. I plan to call Russell and find out what he knows, unless you think your friend would be of more help?”

“Edgington?!” she said, even more surprised than she was about Eric.

“Yes. I know him, too, and I think he would be willing to be open with me. He knows that I know.”

“I must admit, I am completely taken aback by all of this. Yes, he is even older than the Norse Man and he has great knowledge. However, my friend, though younger, will have more insight, I believe.”

“Why is that?”

“You should ask him. I will make arrangements, and the two of you should leave immediately. You are unfamiliar with the ways and dealings of the supernatural world, and Maggie should be there to help you,” she said almost deciding things in the moment.

“Where exactly are we going?” I asked.

“Dallas,” answered Octavia.

“As in Dallas, Texas?” I asked, a little stunned. Vampires in Dallas? Shut up, Cricket!

“Oh, I haven’t been on a plane in a long time!” Maggie said, once again excited and un-fazed by anything we’d been talking about.

“No. You will drive,” Octavia said to her, “Take your car,” she added, looking at me.

“It’s a seven or eight-hour trip!” I said.

“It doesn’t matter. It will be better for you to make the trip by car,” she countered.

“OK. I do have questions, other questions, regarding the things we were talking about last night,” I said quietly leaning toward her.

“Amelia, go wait for us at the car,” Octavia said to her in her Mom voice.

Maggie didn’t hesitate. She picked up her bag and left us alone.

“We will speak again. You should go right away,” she said.

“What’s the rush? I was hoping we could talk more later, maybe tonight.”

“No. I have too much research to do, and I must make the proper arrangements for you. I will tell you this. If you are truly concerned about your blood tie to the Norse Man, you should know that the blood of one older than he will override the tie. However, I don’t believe it will change the emotional and spiritual connection you share with the Viking.”

I rolled my eyes at her comment about my connection to Eric.

“Well, I don’t know if I believe in the other ties that you think we have, but that’s good to know. The only problem then is I’ll be tied to whatever other vampire and as much as I like him, I really don’t want to be tied to Russell,” I laughed.

“I still believe you should see him. He will no doubt continue to come to your dreams even if the blood tie is severed. He can’t stop it,” she said seriously.

How does she know he continues to tell me he can’t leave me in my dreams?

“What I see in you is nothing I’ve seen before,” she added.

Without another word, she rose from the table, leaving money for the bill, and walked away. I sighed and rose to follow her.


Slowly Freaking Out – Skylar Gray

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me – Cher



Aurelia Gliwiski as Chelsea ‘Cricket’ Kerrigan


Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman


Maya Angelou as Octavia Fant


Kathy Najimy as Amelia ‘Maggie’ Broadway

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    I gotta say, if you can bring such feelings out in the casual reader you are definitely doing something right!
    I also still maintain that you should make Into The Blood and Back Into the Blood into original stories and market them!
    Yes, they are that good.

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    • kinnik7104 says:

      Thank you! Believe me, it is on my mind all the time now how to twist them to change up the well-known copyrighted characters. I’m so glad you are so emotionally involved, even if it is to knock around the characters a bit. To be honest, last week’s review left me wondering if you would continue reading since they were driving you so nuts. (I’m paranoid that way – just ask MsB) 🙂 That being said, I was hoping for those reactions to some degree, since their actions are really driving home Cricket’s frustration on top of everything else (Eric) she’s dealing with! Poor girl…I hate to torture her this way, but it has to be done. LOL


      • tj6james6 says:

        I can put up with a lot; If I couldn’t I would have never finished the SVM series in the first place, lmao.
        Being so emotionally invested in a character, or characters is a good thing to a degree. It keeps me coming back for more, even if it is self-imposed flagellation.
        I love Cricket. She’s the best parts of Sookie with bits and pieces from other books and characters. She knows what she wants, she second guesses herself but she still keeps moving forward. She knows she will never just settle because nothing better will come her way. She would rather spend her life alone than settle (Sam/Sookie. Sookie settled because she felt there was nothing better out there for her rather than fighting for what she truly wanted.)
        Of course, Cricket knows the cause of her feelings, she just has to find him :D. I have a feeling they’ll meet up in Dallas :D.

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    GREAT chapter! Cricket really did have me laughing my broken ass off throughout its entirety, except for one or two places where I really wanted to cry right along with her! And who does that? Tells you get in breathe in, get in touch with nature, and all that stuff, and then keeps talking? Cricket is so much more polite than me. I would have told Octavia to shut the **** up! Though I’d probably be a toad now… 🙂

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    What a chapter! Cricket must be so confused and scared and the girl is still heart broken . Hmmm Eric can’t leave her dreams. Bond baby Bond!!!! I’m crossing my fingers that Eric is with Godric . This was an interesting chapter ., Cricket has a powerful voice stopping nature is a nice party trick.

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