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Chapter 19

I don’t know how much time passed while I remained in his arms, crying until my actions hit me like a slap in the face. I’m wasting time! Any time I had left to try to convince him to change his mind was ticking away. If he were to go through with his plans, there would be plenty of time for tears afterward. It wasn’t as though I still didn’t feel as if I could stop crying, because I definitely didn’t, but I was burning daylight, moonlight, or whatever! I had to suck it up! I had no idea what to say or what I might do to change his mind now that he had, albeit silently, admitted he had chosen to end his undead life. Was there still even any hope that I could get his Childe to persuade him otherwise? That was the only hope I would hold onto. I was resolved to stop him in whatever way I could.

I pulled myself gently from his arms and sat up straight. I wiped my eyes, changing my demeanor in that instant. A glass of water practically materialized before me and was pressed into my hand. I drank it all down without a thought, and then handed it back to Godric, exhaling a deep breath.

“Whew! Sorry about that,” I said, shaking my head to clear it.

The look on his face was one of stunned silence. He obviously had no idea where my attitude change had come from. I did. Seeing as I had no plan on watching him die or finally dying, I was determined. I smiled at him and he gave me a weak, but skeptical smile in return. He placed the glass on the table, and tentatively reached over and grasped my hand. I gave it a squeeze and released it, patting it on top.

“Cricket, it’s OK to feel…” he began, but I interrupted.

“No. I’m done talking about it tonight, Godric.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I don’t want to think about it anymore right now. It’s not going to be tonight, right?”

“Riiight,” he said, drawing the word out.

“OK then. Good. So, what now? Oh! When are you going to contact your nest? I would really love for them to let Maggie leave. I mean, I guess they’re not really keeping her against her will or anything. I know she wants to stay and help. She’s trying to find you for me, for crying out loud! How ridiculous is that?!” I laughed, “I feel pretty guilty about that, you know. Oh well. I’ll explain everything to her…after. Still, it would be great if you would contact someone soon though. With any hope, she’s been of some help locating the other missing vampire. I wonder if they’ve found them. I hope so. If she hasn’t, do you think there would be anything I could do to help her, them, any of them?”

“Cricket, slow down. I know I’m hurting you and I’m so sorry for that. Please understand this has been a difficult decision and I…” he tried again, but I talked over him.

“God! I know, Godric. I can’t even imagine how hard this has been for you. The things you’ve gone through and overcome in your life must have seemed insurmountable. I’m in awe of you. Your fortitude and perseverance to change who you were into whom you’ve become, well, your sheer force of will is inspirational. I hope I can find it in myself someday to see the bigger picture of my life, how I affected, changed, or touched others. How I can change myself to be a better person. Of course, I don’t have thousands of years or forever. You know, like you do.”

“I know what you’re trying to do,” he said slowly eyeing me as he leaned back against the arm of the sofa.

“I’m not trying to do anything, Godric. What’s done is done, right? Let’s enjoy whatever time you are willing to give me, us. I mean, after all, it’s your call as to when it’s going to happen. It’s not like there’s a deadline, right? I, for one, don’t want to forget anything about you or our time together. You’ve become so important to me, little brother. I don’t want to waste any more time worrying about if or when. Well, I suppose if is no longer in question. As to when, I’m sure you’ll tell me or you won’t, maybe. I guess I don’t really know.”

“Of course I will! How can you even say that? You are important to me, too. How can you think I don’t care about you? How many times have I called you daughter?”

“Speaking of children, have you decided when you plan to call yours? I hope you’ll give me time to speak with them alone before you…you know. I’m relieved you aren’t going to reprimand them or make them feel bad about their existence. That would be awful and not at all like the man I’ve come to know. Besides, maybe it will give me time to find out if they’ll really listen to what you want for them? I doubt that after I will have an opportunity, not that they would want anything to do with me anyway. After all, I stole this time with you away from them. You spent time with your surrogate daughter instead of your real Childe. I would imagine they won’t want to be around to hear how great I think you are while they’re hurting so badly. I mean, would you? I know I would be pretty angry at that person.”

“It won’t be like that,” he said quietly.

“Anyway,” I continued as if he hadn’t spoken, “I hope you let me get to know them just a little. Maybe if they know me somewhat, they won’t want to kill me for taking away all your time. Maybe you should spend a few days or more with them, you know, without me around. That might smooth things over and save my life in the process. Oh, who am I kidding? Why would that be important to you?”

“Stop it!” he shouted, dropping his fangs.

I assumed they came down automatically out of frustration or possibly anger. It struck me that it didn’t intimidate or frighten me. I didn’t even flinch.


“Stop saying things like that! Of course it’s important to me. My Childe would never kill you for spending time with me!”

“How do you know? If it were me, I would be pretty tempted. Seriously, think about it, hundreds of years together and you spend your time making this monumental decision with some random human stranger.”

“I know because I won’t allow it!” he hissed.

“You won’t be around to stop it,” I shrugged.

“I will command it!”

I laughed out loud at that and he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, wait! You’re serious? Does a command even hold over if you’re not there to enforce it?”

I thought about Eric’s command to Pam. It certainly held true when he was gone, but, then again, he was still alive or undead, I guess. Godric closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. I watched as his fangs retracted and his shoulders slumped. I did feel a little bad that he was so upset over my flippant attitude. I hadn’t intended to piss him off. I was just being practical and thinking out loud. I would definitely want to kill the person who took the most important person away from me, even if they didn’t do it directly. I could only imagine how much it was going to hurt his Childe and while I would be around to help comfort them if they wanted, I was sure that they wouldn’t even want to look at me. I knew I wouldn’t. Then again, the point was moot since I had no intention of letting it happen. That was the real reason I wanted to talk to them alone. I could safely assume they would do whatever they could to change his mind and I would most assuredly be there to help in that. God! I hope they would trust me enough! They wouldn’t have to like me, but I hoped they would trust me to help.

“I’m sorry, Godric. I wasn’t trying to upset you, honestly. You have to look at it from my side. I don’t mean anything to this person. They will lose you and blame me, even if it isn’t rational. I know I would feel the same.”

“She didn’t see that,” he said, raising his eyes to meet mine.

“Who? Oh, right, your friend, the…what do you call her? Seer? Psychic? Fortune Teller? How do you know? Maybe she did, but didn’t tell you. After all, you said she didn’t interfere. Maybe she thought it would influence your decision. Besides, she doesn’t know me either. By the way, what did she tell you? I mean, what were the outcomes she saw that led you to believe this was the right decision for you?”

“The sun will be rising soon. I am tired.”

He looked it, too. The weight of everything was in his eyes and his body language. I hoped that whatever other outcome she had told him of was something he could live with. Surely, things could not be better if he was gone. What could she have possibly told him to make him believe that? Was it just that life was going to be that much more difficult for him going forward? Was it really too much for him to be an example to others and teach them? Was it too much of a burden for him to carry after carrying his own for so long? I didn’t want that to be the case, but I knew he would have support to help him if it was. If his Childe wouldn’t help him, then I would. Maybe we would get along and we both could work together to help him get through whatever might happen? After all, I had already decided I wasn’t going back to my job. I didn’t have anything holding me to any one place other than JP, and I wasn’t even sure what his plans were at the moment. Godric stood and walked toward the balcony.

“You aren’t staying here tonight?”

“No,” he said as he opened the door.

“Godric, you don’t have to go. I really am sorry that I upset you,” I said as I stood and walked to him.

“That’s not why I’m leaving,” he said as he turned around. He pulled me to him and embraced me gently.

“Then why not stay?”

“Do you remember that I told you sometimes older vampires stay awake after the sun rises before they rest?”

“Yeah. You said they use the extra time to think things over.”

“Well, I need to think things over.”

“Oh. OK.”

I hugged him again before we stepped out on the balcony. He turned and kissed me on the forehead before taking flight. I watched him go.

“Just so you know, I still plan to try and talk you out of this. I haven’t decided on my course of action in that regard. Don’t worry, though. I’ll figure it out,” I called after him.

“I know,” I heard him laugh from somewhere above me.

I smiled and walked back into the suite.


The sun rose shortly after Godric left. I wondered if he was still awake. More than likely that was the reason he didn’t want to rest in my suite. I was here and awake. If he was trying to sort things out, it probably wouldn’t help to have me in the next room. As selfish as it seemed, I was glad he was confused when he left. Perhaps it meant that things were not so set in stone in his mind any longer. I could only hope. I went into the bedroom, changed into my pajamas, lay down on the bed, and closed my eyes. I wanted to see Dream Eric. No, I needed to see my Dream Eric. My last dream had left me so peaceful and at ease. I needed his imaginary arms wrapped around me to keep me safe, and from thinking about my kid brother somewhere upstairs, possibly bleeding from his ears while he made the decision to stay alive or undead or whatever…or not to.

After an hour or so, I was still awake. I rolled onto my back, laying there staring at the ceiling for a good while. It almost felt as if I was pacing back and forth in my mind. Finally, I relented and wandered into the kitchen where I poured myself a glass of wine, carrying it and the bottle to the balcony. Yes, it’s morning. Don’t judge me! I pulled a chair close to the edge and sat down, propping my feet up on the railing. I sat there staring out over the city while the sun climbed higher in the sky and sipped my wine. Time seemed to be passing quickly, while at the same time each second felt like an eon. I wanted to sleep, but my mind and body were wide awake and very restless. I moved to take a drink and realized my glass was empty. I tipped the bottle to refill it and found it empty as well. How long have I been sitting here? I placed the glass and bottle on the table, and pulled my legs to my chest. Wrapping my arms around them, I rested my chin on my knees still staring at nothing.

I wondered if he changed his mind. I wondered if he would tell me. I wouldn’t know until he rose later. What if he hadn’t? What if he was even now more resolute to see it through? What if he just wanted to get away from me for the day to clear his mind? That thought brought the tears I had suppressed the night before and I pressed my forehead to the tops of my knees, squeezing my eyes shut. I hugged my legs tighter and felt the drops fall onto my legs soaking through my pants. Unbidden and unwanted, a loud sob wracked through my frame and out of my mouth barely muffled by the position of my head against my legs. I barely took another breath before another one hit me with as much force.

I leaned back, wrapped my arms around my waist while my chest tightened, and more cries sprang forth. I barely recognized the agonized voice as my own. I tried to hold the sobs in. I tried to separate myself the way I had previously. I wanted to compartmentalize these emotions so I could keep myself safe, apart from the pain and anguish coursing through my body. Then all at once I realized the feelings weren’t coming from anyone else. There was no other source this time. These weren’t Eric’s. This was my pain. I knew I needed to get it out before the night fell again, so I gave myself over to it and allowed the sorrow to pull me under its crushing weight.

I silently cursed Fate for making me a Muse, or a Siren, or whatever the fuck I was! I cursed Godric’s Maker for making him what he was before I knew him and leaving so much guilt to rest on his shoulders! I cursed the Universe for bringing him into my life, only to take him away again so soon! I cursed Godric for his decision to die! I cursed whomever the woman was who had told him things would be better without him or whatever bullshit she said that made him feel that way!

I tried to curse Eric for having brought this world to my attention and making me part of it, but I couldn’t, because he hadn’t done it. I was fully responsible for my involvement. I cursed myself for it. I was the one who just wouldn’t give up until I knew. I was the one who had tricked him into telling me. I hated him for making me fall in love with him! I loved him for making me fall in love with him! I missed him, and I cursed myself for not being good enough for him to stay. Hmm, maybe I should stop cursing so many people… Who knew if Muses or Sirens could actually cast curses?

When my tears started to fade to away, I could feel the dried tracks stiffening on my cheeks. My eyes were sore and puffy, and I could taste the leftover salt that always made its way into the corners of my mouth when my tears were fresh. My chest hurt. My heart hurt. I was still angry, but more than that, I was empty and alone…and sad. I leaned my head back against the chair, and propped my feet back up on the railing again. Time passed while I remained seated, unmoving. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and waited for sleep to claim me, yet it never did.

My mind drifted to Eric once more. Who was I kidding? I always thought of Eric. I pictured his face, his perfect blue eyes, and the dimple in his chin. Dream Eric was wonderful, but he wasn’t real. I would never be with the real Eric again. I thought over the memories I had of our brief time together. He healed me. He cared for me after I was hurt. Repeatedly. In a few, brief glimpses he had showed himself to me, his true self. ‘You found me dressed in black,’ I heard his voice whisper to me, but rather than being startled as I usually was after that, I smiled at the memory of his song. In those few moments, he had shared his secret self with me. I wanted to believe that more than I wanted to face the truth. I still wanted him. I would probably always want him. Before I realized it, I was singing softly for him…to him…always to him.

Some nights I don’t sleep at all

I lie awake with my eyes closed

Some days I’m inside a cloud

So tired I just float around

And I’m lost again

I’m lost

Too far from you

I thought time would fade your face

Was sure that others could erase

What my heart felt so deep it’s bronzed

Now I don’t know what’s going on

And I’m lost again

I’m lost

Too far from you

Too far from that body of water

Too far from songs that kept me dancing round

It’s the kind that cannot break

All this time I still can’t shake

The moment that we knew it’s weight

And could not let it slip away

And I’m lost again

I’m lost

I’m lost again

I’m lost

And I’m lost again

I’m lost

Too far from you

I wondered about the supposed tie between us. Was it true? Was it more than the blood? How would I know? Did Eric know? Did he feel it? Nope, not going down that road! Would I need to meet the woman who had convinced Godric the world would be better without him? Did I really want to meet her face to face at all to find out? If she was as old as Godric said, then she was very powerful. It probably wasn’t a good idea to antagonize her, and if I ever met her, I couldn’t say that I might just tell her exactly what I thought of her and her visions! Still, why couldn’t I just let it go? Why couldn’t I let him go? If it wasn’t the blood, would I always love him? Fuuck me…


A hand squeezed my shoulder and I yelped, my feet dropping unceremoniously on the floor.


“I apologize. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” said the soft voice of Godric.

“What? No, it’s OK. I was just lost in my own world. I didn’t realize how long I was out here,” I said, finally noticing that the sun had set.

“You spent the day here?”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“Did you sleep?”

“Um…I tried, but no. I relaxed, but I didn’t sleep. I would know,” I blushed slightly.

“Ah, yes…the dreams.”

“Yeah… How long have you been here?”

“I was flying down when I heard you singing. I hovered above, listening until you finished. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine. It just came out, you know? That happens sometimes, more often now,” I shrugged, feeling embarrassed.

“You were thinking of your Eric.”

“For the last time, he is not mine. Please stop saying that,” I rolled my eyes.

I stood and walked into the suite. Godric followed with my empty bottle and glass, placing both in the kitchen.

“Chelsea, you can say what you want, but I believe differently.”

“Fine. I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be back.”

I showered quickly and changed into my usual jeans with a sleeveless black shirt and a thin plum cardigan. After brushing my teeth and hair, I applied a little make-up and returned to the main room. Godric was sitting on the sofa.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Where are we going?”


“You need to eat. I’m certain you haven’t.”

“No, but I haven’t been hungry. I’m fine,” I said just as my traitorous stomach growled.

“You should eat and then we’ll go. I’ve already taken the liberty of calling for room service while you were showering.”


I pulled an Energy drink from the refrigerator.

“You know, I cannot imagine those are good for you. You should stop drinking so many.”

“Yeah, probably, but since I’m not going to sleep now…besides, my constitution seems to be a little stronger these days, at least considering the amount of alcohol I’ve been drinking,” I said while I opened it and took a large drink.

Godric just shook his head at me and smiled. Our conversation was interrupted, thank God, by a knock on the door. I checked the peephole and saw that it was Barry delivering my dinner. I opened the door, but as quickly as he arrived, he was already gone, and I heard the elevator door close. I sighed and brought the cart inside. I wheeled it over to the table. When I removed the dome, I noticed that Godric had ordered exactly the same meal I’d had before along with two more bottles of wine. I smiled, set the table, and dug in. He opened the wine and poured a glass for me, which I accepted gratefully. After a moment, I glanced up at him. He looked hesitant for a moment before he spoke.

“So, tell me more about your… Tell me more about Eric.”

“Why? I think I’ve already told you everything. I told you about the Were at the school and how he saved my life. You know that we were together for one night, and, of course, you already know about the fucked up dreams. What else is there to tell, really?”

“Why did you fall in love with him? Was it because he saved your life?”

“No. That’s not why,” I sighed, “Why do you want to know about him? I’ve pretty much given you the highlights.”

“There must be more to your story. I’m trying to understand your connection with him.”

“Well, I’m not sure exactly how it happened entirely. Um…OK. The first time I saw him he was listening to me sing. I saw him and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful he was, or I guess, is. Of course, I already had a huge crush on him before that, but then afterward I was disappointed by something that his Childe did, though I didn’t know that she was actually his Childe at the time. He followed me outside and took the time to apologize to me. He said unexpected things.”

“Such as?”

“Little things, I guess. I said something about being nobody, insignificant, and he told me I wasn’t to him. He was very attentive and seemed genuinely concerned about my feelings. I was surprised that he would’ve done that. I’ll admit mostly during that conversation I wanted to kiss him. It was almost overwhelming. That was also the first time he tried to glamour me, but, of course, I had no idea. No one else was around and he seemed, I don’t know, sincere.”

“You don’t believe he was?”

“I did at the time. Then, soon after that, I fell, hurting my arm and my ass. He sent everyone else home and stayed with me. I was pretty high on pain killers, but he held me and talked to me as if I was important to him. He made it seem that way, anyway. He took care of me and brought me home. He sort of let me see a little bit of who I believed he really was. He was vulnerable and honest. When I was released from the hospital after the school incident, he came to check on me. Oh, and he brought me a present. Well, he gave it to me before I went to the hospital, but he brought it back and gave it to JP. I was afraid to see him that night. I thought I had figured things out by then, and it scared the shit out of me, but excited me at the same time… I wonder what I did with those fangs…”

“What else?”

“We had a few misunderstandings, but later he followed me home and the first time he kissed me…I mean, we acted like kids, holding hands, and sneaking glances at each other. We played. He played. He was silly and fun. He even had a nickname for me. He called me his Sǫngr. When he saw the residual bruises from the school thing, he freaked out and then took time to show attention to each bruise and he was very affectionate toward me. I thought I was seeing the real him. He was sweet and wanted to know about me. He even told me a little about himself. I believed the whole act.”

“You think it was an act? You think he tricked you?”

“I didn’t at the time, but after he left…yeah, now I do. I mean, I told you about the message he left for me.”

Godric looked away for a moment, but not before I saw a flash of anger appear on his face just as it had when I told him about the message Eric left with Pam. I heard him growl low before he calmed himself and looked back at me.

“Yet, you still love him.”

“I do. I don’t know why, but I do. When we actually met there was almost an instant…”

“Connection,” he finished for me.

“Yes. Well, at least on my side. He said it would all work out and I believed him. Anyway, I guess it was everything together that made me fall for him. When we were intimate, it just seemed so right. It sounds stupid now after everything, but he drew me in. I guess that was his intention all along. He was only playing with me.”

“I don’t believe it was an act. It sounds as if you truly are important to him. It takes quite a bit to see underneath the persona of a vampire. I think you did that, and I think that changed him or part of him. It can be overwhelming to find out you feel something other than what you’ve always known or believed.”

“That’s what a couple of other people that know him said, even his Childe, I mean, that he was different with me, but if he really felt something for me, then why would he leave? That act alone negates everything else.”

“Not everything. You still have deep and genuine feelings for him, and it sounds as if that existed before you had his blood. I would venture to say he has feelings for you as well.”

“I highly doubt that. It doesn’t matter in the end. He still left.”

“You should ask him the reason for his actions.”

“Yeah, right. I’ll get right on that. Why are you so interested in my feelings or his for that matter?”

“I am curious. I want to know what he feels for you.”

“Well, now you know as much about him as I do.”

“I needed to know…I wanted to know what you truly felt,” he said.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes.

He must have realized that I didn’t want to talk about Eric any longer, or maybe he didn’t want to try and explain why he cared so much about my love life because the conversation turned to what we were going to do after I ate. Of course, I didn’t tell him anything.


When I had finished one of the bottles and was fully stuffed, I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth again and headed back out to the main room.

“So, now that you’ve fed me, can we go?”

“I suppose so.”

“Stop looking so concerned. You’re hiding in plain sight and you look like a teenager. No one is going to recognize you. Pull the hood up on your hoodie like the delinquent I thought you were before,” I laughed and so did he.

We rode the elevator and passed through the lobby with no incident, even though Godric kept his head down and looked guilty. Then we took a taxi to the movie theatre and I took him to see the sequel. Needless to say, he had a good time. I watched him while he watched the movie and he laughed through most of it. We drew a few glances at his inappropriate laughter when the wolves showed up on screen. I was unconcerned. After all, it probably looked like I had dragged him to see a vampire chick flick. He was oblivious to their disapproval and genuinely looked like the teenager I once thought he was.

After we left the theatre, we walked along the sidewalk. I wasn’t ready to go back yet. There were many people around, but I felt reasonably confident that no vampires would be looking for him in the middle of a busy street. Besides, what would it matter anyway? He was going to contact them soon. It’s not like he would be in trouble. We passed by a club with loud music that you could practically feel vibrating outside the door. I took his hand and looked at him hopefully. He paused and subtly shook his head.

“Fine, you’re right. We’re not really dressed for it, but we’re going there soon,” I winked.


“Shut up, little brother,” I said teasingly and pulled on his hand to continue our walk.

We wandered around and finally found a small park. We walked hand in hand for a few minutes.

“Thank you. I had…fun tonight,” he said as if he was surprised.

“Good. You were supposed to. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to that club or maybe we’ll find a Karaoke bar! I think you would have fun with that and I don’t think we should hit the one in the hotel. At least not until you’ve come clean about where you are.”

“I want to go back to our place now.”

“All right,” I reluctantly agreed.

We found a secluded spot in the park. After checking several times, I guess he was convinced that no one could see us. He grabbed me around my waist and looked at my eyes. For a second I thought he was going to kiss me, but before my mind could register what that might even mean, he smiled and we shot straight up into the sky. I wrapped my arms and legs around him in a death grip as we flew the short distance to the roof of the hotel. We landed softly and he was laughing.

“What the Hell?” I pushed him on the chest.

“It was faster,” he shrugged.

“You could at least warn a girl next time,” I said, laughing.

“Would you have agreed?”

“Yeah, probably, but you scared the shit out of me.”

“I apologize.”

“Stop. It was fun. I just think it would have been more fun if I was prepared,” I laughed again and he joined me.

We walked to our chairs and Godric lit the fire pit as I tried to tame my hair with my fingers.

“There’s something I need to tell you, my thygatéra,” he said quietly.

“You can tell me anything, Godric. You already know that.”

He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. We walked to the wall and he looked up at the sky. He seemed…nervous? Oh no! He was going to tell me that he was still going to do it.

Without thinking about it, I began humming, and then singing quietly in a peaceful and soothing voice. He turned to me so his back was facing the wall and I took both of his hands. I watched his face in the flickering glow of the flames and he seemed younger than ever and afraid. It was very…human. I locked my gaze with his and continued to sing, pushing my feelings toward him. I could tell he was struggling with his words.

I am a poor, wayfaring stranger

Traveling through this world alone

Yet there’s no sickness, toil or danger

In that bright world to which I go

I’m going there to see my father

I’m going there no more to roam

I’m only going over Jordan

I’m only going over home

I know dark clouds will gather ’round me

I know my way is rough and steep

Yet beauteous fields lie just before me

Where Gods redeem their vigils keep

I’m going there to see my mother

She said she’d meet me when I come

I’m only going over Jordan

I’m only going over home

Maybe it wasn’t the right song, but if he needed to feel peace in his decision, and as much as I hated it, I had to give it to him. I was afraid all of a sudden, but I readied myself for whatever he might say. I didn’t want to hear those words. He squeezed my hands gently. His mouth opened again and then closed.

“Just tell me, Godric. Whatever it is, just tell me,” I whispered.

“I’ve opened the bond.”

Well, that wasn’t what I expected to hear. What would that mean? Was his Childe coming?

“You did? So, then…what does…when?”

“I have decided to spend some time with him, as you suggested. I need to know. I need to see for myself.”

“What are you talking about?”

He kept hold of one hand and tucked a hair behind my ear with the other. Looking deeply into my eyes I could see the conflict or maybe it was fear in his. I noticed for the first time he referred to his Childe as him not them. He was definitely anxious about his meeting. I felt bad that he was nervous to see his Childe, but it was what he needed.

“Godric…” I began, but he interrupted me.

“Chelsea, I am sorry…”

Sorry? Why would he be sorry about opening his bond? Several things happened so quickly I don’t know which came first. Godric stopped speaking and looked past me toward the stairs. My body stiffened as the familiar feeling of peace washed over me. A growl erupted behind me. In one movement, I dropped Godric’s hand and whipped my body toward the sound quicker than I knew I could move.

Time stood still as I locked eyes with the blue storms raging in the flicker of the firelight. A look of shock and anger flashed in his eyes. I was certain it mirrored my own.

“What are you doing here?!” we both shouted simultaneously.


Too Far From You – Ft Aubrey Peeples

Wayfaring Stranger – Ft Chaley Rose



Aurelia Gliwiski as Chelsea ‘Cricket’ Kerrigan


Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman


Allan Hyde as Godric

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A/N: As always, thank you to the incomparable MsBuffy, my friend and editor! You, my dear, are a Godsend! Thanks to American Android for the fabulous banner!

Thanks for your incredible patience and for taking the time to read! I hope it was worth the wait.

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32 Responses to BITB Chapter 19

  1. Kittyinaz says:

    omg!! it’s time!! and I hope he can see that he will need to stay… I think he is trying to get them back together then off himself.. but please don’t!!!!!

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  2. mom2goalies says:

    Damn! You always know the exact WRONG place to end a chapter! 😉
    At least he is there and maybe Godric can help him come to terms with his feelings for her. And maybe, just maybe helping them will be enough to keep Godric around too…

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  3. mindyb781 says:

    I have been waiting an entire 19 chapters for this moment , it’s finally here!!!!!! And no Godric knows everything about their time together. Eric has some serious explaining to do. Godric could be the counselor . Oh goodness and Godric wants to leave the world, so many conflicts at once. Very exciting chapter!

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  4. msbuffy says:

    He’s there! He’s finally there! (Don’t stop the dreams though!) I hope the two of them can put their own feelings aside for the time being and focus on Godric, their common interest at this most important time. They can yell all they want at one another later. There’s something far important happening that needs attention! 🙂

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  5. YES! finally. maybe after they fix their issues they’ll be able to convince Godric to forget about this suicide nonsense.

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  6. nedbella says:

    OMG I NEED MOOOOOORRRREEEEE. I fear my sanity and fingernails remaining attached. LOL

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    You can’t leave us hanging there…
    Welcome back and it was WORTH the wait!

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    • kinnik7104 says:

      LOL I had to leave it there. What more could be said in that moment? I’m glad you thought so. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay on track for awhile.


  8. YES!!! It’s about time! Agh, hate that you left us hanging like that though. 😉 hopefully Eric will listen to his maker and get his head outta his ass. Anxious to read his reasons for his actions.

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  9. Deborah Rose says:

    OMG! please hurry with the next chapter, can’t wait

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  11. lzdiva4 says:

    Well they’re finally in the same place again. Can’t wait to see the fireworks happen. Maybe helping them out will be enough to keep Godric around for a while.

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  12. ladytarara says:

    Ooh Eric has arrived! So looking forward to the next bit.


  13. jc52185 says:

    Apparently, I had more to read than I thought! Though I won’t be complaining about that!

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