The Taking


A/N: This was my contribution to the SVM/TB Fic Exchange 2015. It is a Gift for All.

Rated M – NSFW! Enjoy!

Summary: Sookie and Alcide like to live on the wild side; breaking the law and taking risks for an adrenaline rush. What happens when they find out the empty house they’re using as a hideout isn’t empty after all?

The Taking

This is a story about my boyfriend and me, and one of the greatest escapades we ever shared. Alcide and me have what you might call an adventurous streak. We’re both bold and love to explore the riskier things in life. I guess you might call it living on the edge, but we don’t do drugs or anything stupid like that. We just enjoy exciting activities, the more daring, the better! We’re danger addicts, risk takers. Put us in a dicey and dangerous situation, and I’m hot, wet, and so ready for him and whatever he wants after we make it out. We love it and we can’t get enough! Naturally I expect this might make you think I’m talking about our sex life. While it’s true that we’re just as thrill-seeking in that area, that’s only part of it. I mean, just one look at my man would get any woman going, he’s built solidly with powerful biceps and strong legs and stamina… He can pick me up with one arm, but it’s me that he loves and loves to please. We’ve had lots of fun and games with our sexcapades, in fact, he loves watching almost as much as he does joining. We’ve only ever shared other women though. His favorite thing to do when it’s us and another woman is for her to go down on me while he fucks my mouth… It’s making me wet just writing this! So, as I was saying, every couple months one of us comes up with an idea, and then we do our best to plan it out and make our fantasy come to life! We take turns with our adventures and it was my turn this particular time.

I’m pretty sure we’ve tried nearly everything, but I have one fantasy we haven’t done yet. Maybe someday… Here’s the tale of our most spectacular adventure… The Adventure of my lifetime! Enjoy!


I wrapped my fingers around the cool metal grip in my bag and approached the window. It felt good and right when I squeezed it. I could feel a tingling between my legs.

A young, pretty brunette teller with a big smile looked up at me. “You’re lucky. We’re just about to close.”

“I know. That’s what I was counting on,” I pulled up my bag, set it on the counter, and reached in as if I was taking out my deposit. Instead I pulled out a small black 9mil semi-automatic handgun and waved it in front of her. It was concealed mostly by my large purse, but pointed right at her. My tight elbow-length leather gloves made sure I would leave no fingerprints if things went downhill, but they wouldn’t. I knew everything she was thinking and what her next move would be because I could read her mind.

Oops! Did I forgot to mention I’m a telepath?

I slid a deposit slip toward her trembling hands. On it was written a simple message. She glanced down and read it quickly.

‘I know you’re the only one here except for the manager who’s in his office and the other teller who’s in back getting ready to leave. The security guard won’t be here for an hour. I know where all the cameras are and that you want to hit the alarm button. There’s a gun pointed at your head. Don’t do it.’

She looked back at me and her wide eyes shined with unshed tears. “Please,” she whispered. I slowly shook my head grinning. With my other hand, I took a plain black cotton bag out of my purse and slid it over the counter, “Empty your drawer into the bag, and then open and empty the other drawers too.” “They’re…they’re empty,” she said almost convincingly…almost. Still, I knew better. “No, they’re not. It’s the middle of the week and they aren’t emptied until Friday night. Do I need to repeat my instructions?” I whispered slowly in accented Spanish. When she hesitated again, I cocked my gun while my smile grew wider and showed off the tips of my crooked teeth, the front left one chipped and gray.


We’d been scoping the place out for about a month and knew the routines of each teller as well as their schedules. We knew when the big deposits went out and that cash was left in the drawers each night of the week unless a large deposit was made. Those went directly to the back vault and we had no interest in the vault. Hell, we didn’t really even care how much money we might get. It wasn’t about the size of the take; it was all about the thrill in taking it.


“No, no, don’t do that, just hang on a second,” she stammered as she unconsciously looked down. “I know what you’re thinking. Keep your hands where I can see them. Don’t even think about touching the alarm button. You will regret it. I promise,” I threatened. I thought I sounded menacing. She stood stock still staring at me for a moment. I knew what she was doing. It was smart. She was scared, but she was pretending to be even more so, trying to buy time till the other teller came back or she could get a good description of me. She studied my face looking for any marks to later be able to tell the police. I wasn’t afraid. There was no way she could give a genuine description of me no matter how long she looked. I cleared my throat to pull her attention back to me. I tapped the bag with my gloved finger and pushed it closer. I crossed my right ankle behind my left, and then tapped my toe on the ground twice, a casual signal to my partner. He took one step forward and her eyes snapped to his at once. She looked at him with hope, and then she noticed the rope he held.


I knew it would be harder to disguise Alcide. Saying he was tall put it mildly. He also had the body of someone who worked out seven days a week. Normally he was dark-complected, but I’d figured out a few things to get around it. I pinned his black hair close to his head and fit him in a tight bald cap with small holes for air that I’d cut into it. It’d work better than a wig cap. I’d found two realistic looking wigs made from real human hair. Nothing but the best for my man and me! Best of all, we wouldn’t have to wear hats. That would’ve ruined the entire image. His was dirty blonde and shoulder length, mine was black, straight, and in a short bob with long bangs that hung just below my eyebrows. We would both be wearing sunglasses; still I bought us colored contacts to wear. Just in case… I put the wig on his head and pinned it to the cap underneath. He would put the blue contacts in just before we left. I wore brown to mask my blue eyes.

“Jesus, Sook, this thing is gonna be hot as fuck!” he bitched. “You, my love, will look hot as fuck when I’m done. Quit your bitchin’, you big sissy. It’s not like you’re going to wear it for long. Just go with it! Besides, I love long blonde hair on a man. It’s very sexy!” I purred and nipped at his chin. “Oh, really?” he asked while he snaked an arm around my waist pulling me to him. His other hand reached behind me sliding my sundress up as he roughly rubbed my cotton-covered ass, spanking my right cheek. “Mmhmm. Maybe we should keep it for play time,” I suggested. He moaned and slid his fingers between my legs, pressing them against my wet panties and causing a moan of my own. “I love role play day and I heard somewhere that blondes have more fun,” he growled. “Tonight, baby…all night long. This will be the best role play day ever! Stay still,” I groaned out when I felt his fingers slip under my panties and slide through my slick pussy lips. “I wanna to play now,” he pouted. “All good things…” I panted when his middle finger slid inside me. I grabbed his wrist and stepped back, pulling myself out of his reach. I had to calm down or we’d never get through this! There was still so much to do.

“Your hair’s good, but I still need to do your makeup.” “Make-up? No fuckin’ way!” he yelled. “OK, want everyone to recognize you? If you go out like this, you look like…you. You, in a wig!” I yelled right back. “I don’t believe you talked me into this,” he grumbled. “Don’t act like you didn’t want this as much as I did and that you aren’t looking forward to later,” I said, licking his bottom lip before sucking on it. “Fine. You’re right! I love how excited you are after we do something dangerous.” he agreed. “That’s my boy! Now, I’ve taken a good long time to plan this and get it right. Your reward will be worth it. Trust me!” I told him.


I watched her face while she watched Alcide carry the rope right past me and walk toward the doors down the hall. ‘Oh, please come out, please come out,’ she chanted in her head. I laughed inside as I watched her eyes panic when she realized no one was coming out. Alcide reached the office door and silently slid one looped end of the rope around the knob and pulled it taut. He wrapped it around several more times before he tightened the slack, and then he walked to the break room. He repeated his actions that ended in tying the doors together. Now no one could open the doors unless someone untied them or cut the rope from outside. When she saw what he’d done, she gasped! ‘Thank God he didn’t tie me up!’ she thought. Why the fuck did she think we’d want to do that to her? We had no plans to hurt her, but then I saw the way her eyes changed and I almost wanted to! ‘Ooh, look at him… Fuck… That body. Yeah, I’d fuck that body! What’s he doing with her? She’s hideous!’ Those were thoughts running through her head! I cleared my throat to get her attention… Yeah, that’s right! ME! The one with the gun? The look I gave her screamed ‘Mine!’ She quickly grabbed the bag, opened it, and began to shove money in it from her drawer. Once hers was empty, she went on to the next, while still stealing glances at my man and me. Alcide tested the tightness of the rope and the knots on each knob. Satisfied, he strolled over to the door. I could feel while he watched the girl, the door, and me. I heard him slide the lock in place when the clock reached five on the dot. I felt the wetness gush inside me and I swear if my panties could melt they would have, right there on the spot.


I’d already made my own disguise. Along with the wig and contacts, I’d gone to a theatrical costume shop for supplies. A carefully applied beauty mark above my lip on the left and a new nose would be added to my face. Using nose putty and soft latex, I made a nose larger than mine with wider nostrils and a slightly turned-up tip. I practiced many times with spirit gum to make sure the latex held. The putty was sticky enough to stay put, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I didn’t look beautiful, but that’s exactly what I wanted. Not knowing I had ulterior motives, my friend, Lafayette, taught me how to use concealer and blend it just right to cover my face and neck smoothly to complement my natural color. It was simple to buy a much darker shade and then blend it to give me a dark skin tone, the complete opposite of my own! Even with my tan, my skin was not nearly as dark as I made it look.

For Alcide, I chose the opposite for his complexion too and covered his face, neck, and arms with a lighter tone that along with the blonde hair made him look Scandinavian! Even though he wasn’t real happy, I made him shave his black scruff. His hair was so thick it would grow back the next day! I’d spent an hour applying fake tattoos on his forearms that disappeared with rubbing alcohol. Any unique marks the girl noticed wouldn’t be there an hour after our ‘pilfering.’

Dressed in black slacks, a white button-down shirt with the sleeves purposely rolled up to the elbows to show the tattoos and a vest, Alcide was all set. I wore black pants and a black turtleneck sweater. My tan-colored pea coat hung just below my upper thighs and was cinched closed. We looked like any upscale couple who stopped by the bank on our way out. This sure wasn’t the way we usually dressed! We’d bought the clothes just for this occasion. We were both wearing dress shoes, but mine were flats, and the soles were like running shoes… Just in case.


I gotta admit that the car was just as conspicuous, but then I figured, why try to hide? Sometimes hiding in plain sight was better. Who would pull over an expensive car with an obviously well-off couple driving it? How ridiculous would it be that the couple might be holding a bag of stolen money, and not even that much money anyway?

I was brought out of my thoughts when the girl came back to her window and slid the bag my way. “I don’t know how much is there and I don’t know the combination to the vault,” she said in a shaky voice. “Oh, no need. I’ll bet there’s enough for my man to take me out tonight,” I snarked at her and she grimaced probably due to her fear and seeing my hideous teeth uncovered when I laughed. I grabbed the bag and my purse. “Step around the counter,” Alcide said gruffly from over at the entrance. “Oh God! What’s he gonna do?” she asked me. “He ain’t gonna hurt you, darlin’, not if you cooperate. Now c’mon!” I shouted, waving to her with the butt of my gun. I followed her along my side of the counter and met up with her as she stepped around. Our plan was just to take her in to the restroom and lock her in there.

At that same moment, we heard someone trying to open one of the doors, and then there was a stream of curses when it stuck. “Tara?! Amelia?! My door’s stuck! One of you c’mon and help me open it!” The man’s voice called. Alcide stood up straight, ready to move toward us when the other door handle started to rattle.

“Ames, my door won’t open either! What the hell’s going on!?” Amelia started to open her mouth, but before she could get out a scream or a word I grabbed her and covered her mouth. Only a small squeak came out when I pushed the gun into her side. The pounding kept up on the doors and the handles rattled. More cussing and shouts were heard by those stuck behind them. I looked over at Alcide. “Unlock the door!” I hissed. He reached over and flipped the deadbolt just as the girl bit my hand through my glove. What the hell? She must have fuckin’ razors for teeth to get through leather! I knew the gloves were thin, but that shit hurt! “You stupid fucking bitch!” I yelled, losing my accent completely while I pulled my hand back. She stepped out of my grip when I tried to grab her and caught her arm around the counter. ‘No, fuck you! The cops will be here any second!’ she shouted in her head. “She hit the fucking alarm!” I yelled at Alcide. Alcide started forward toward her while I watched her sprint from the counter to the manager’s door screaming the whole way. I took off like a bullet to him, shoving him toward the door. I guess I could have shot her if there were any bullets in the gun. I didn’t plan to do anything but take the money and leave This was so not part of the plan! I was counting on her being too scared to act at all rationally.


“It will be easy-peasy, Sweetie. Nobody’ll get hurt and we’ll be long gone by the time security gets there.” “I trust you, Babe. Sounds like a foolproof plan. Damn, you’re so fuckin’ sexy when you’re wicked! Hmm…I’m thinkin’ we should keep your wig for later,” he winked. I reached up on my tiptoes to give him a kiss and pulled back before he could deepen it.

Satisfied, we drove to the dealership in a rental car (under an alias and paid for with cash) and took a silver Audi R8 GT for a ‘test drive.’ It took just a little flirting and pouting to convince the salesman to let us take the car out on our own. I mean, we were leaving ‘our’ car with him. Then again, maybe he just pitied my handsome man for being stuck with such a hag!

We pulled a little past the bank and parked on the street. I dropped a few coins in the meter and we walked into the bank at four forty-five. Hey! I’m a good citizen…most of the time. There wasn’t any reason to attract a meter maid by being careless for not feeding the meter!


We could hear Amelia screaming and crying at the doors about what happened, pulling in vain on the knots till the voices were muffled once the glass door swung shut. We heard sirens in the distance already, and then Alcide took the black bag, put his arm around my waist, and pulled me along quickly. We never looked back as we climbed into the car. He started it up and we pulled right out into traffic. When we were almost a block away I looked in the rearview mirror and saw two cops enter the building as another car pulled in behind theirs. We were coming up on intersection and Alcide made a fast right. I barely caught a glimpse of that bitch coming out on the sidewalk to look around. Thank God for the green light! “Hurry the fuck up!” I growled. “What the fuck do you want me to do?! Speed away from the crime scene?” he growled back. “Of course not, it just feels like we’re driving too fucking slow!” I yelled, panicking a little. He dropped the bag between my legs. I kicked off my shoes, reached into the back, and grabbed the duffle bag left there. I opened the bag and pulled out my sundress, cardigan, and sandals. I shimmied out of my pants. Now we were driving down a road with no other cars. I slipped off my coat and shirt, and then pulled on my dress. I pulled out Alcide’s jeans and long sleeve t-shirt before stuffing my clothes back into the bag. I kept my gloves on though to avoid finger prints. Alcide wore his still. I put his clothes on top of mine and held the bag in my lap. The only thing that wouldn’t fit was my coat, but that was OK.

We drove down the streets making several turns, but kept heading away from the bank. We pulled into a parking garage, drove to almost the top level, and then parked. Alcide pushed his seat all the way back and changed clothes at once. When he was dressed, I pushed his clothes into the duffle bag and zipped it shut. He bent his head toward me so I could take the pins out of his wig. He started to shake out his flattened hair until I stopped him. The last thing we needed was someone finding hair in the car we’d ‘borrowed’ having it lead back to us! I handed him a baseball cap. I’d only used a wig cap so I just pulled mine off and dropped the cap, the pins, and the wig into my purse tucking them down, and then pulled everything else in my purse on top. I wanted to pull off the wretched nose too, but I knew it would have to wait. I did pull out the false teeth and pushed them to the bottom of my bag too. Then I put on my own baseball cap. Again, we looked around carefully and saw that no one was around so we got out of the car and I took a close look inside to make sure no hair had fallen anywhere. I finally pulled off my gloves, too low at the side of the car for any cameras to catch. I hissed when the one that was bitten through pulled at my wound and saw it had started bleeding. Stupid cunt! I pulled down the sleeves of my sweater to cover my hands and held onto the cuffs hoping it wouldn’t bleed through before we could get out of there. I unzipped the duffle bag and shoved the gloves inside quickly closing it again. We gathered all of our stuff and walked down the ramps like we’d gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor. When we made it to the next level down, I shook out my messy hair and let my long blonde hair hang down my back, placed a head band on, and shoved the hat in my purse. Alcide took off his cap, ran his hands through his hair a few times, and then put it on again.

We reached his truck another floor down. I climbed into the cab and exhaled, finally relaxing after being coiled like a spring ever since getting up that morning. I jumped a little in my seat when I heard Alcide. “God damn it!” he shouted. He grabbed something off the windshield and slammed the door getting into the truck. “Look at this shit!” he said, shoving the parking ticket at me before I could ask what was wrong. I took the ticket and read it. “Calm down! It’s not due for a month and we’ve got plenty of money to cover it now,” I winked at him. He sighed, nodding his head while he started the truck. It was so good to be in our truck! I relaxed into the seat again and closed my eyes. In my mind I saw the unfortunate salesman waiting helplessly for the expensive sports car to return. I heard his boss yelling at him and felt his panic. I did feel a little guilty, not enough to have taken it back, which was my first idea till Alcide explained that it really would’ve been very stupid. They would find it… Eventually. Someone would realize ‘our’ car was a rental and it would be returned.

More than that I felt a little thrill run through me at the thought of us almost stealing that beautiful car! We should’ve taken it for a joy ride, but we were both so hopped up on getting to that bank! Maybe for our next adventure…Grand theft auto! I rubbed my thighs together just thinking of it…

I opened my eyes and looked around us. I shoved both the duffle and the money bags into the back of the extended cab and pulled two bottles of water out of the cooler.

I winced again when I bumped my hand and looked down at it. Alcide glanced over looking to where my gaze was before looking back at the road. He switched between my hand and the road a few times, a concerned look on his face. “Damn, Babe! What happened?” he said. “That stupid girl bit me! Right through my glove!” I told him. “Bitch!” he yelled. I agreed, “All she had to do was follow directions, but, no! She tries to be a motherfuckin’ hero!” “It’ll be OK, Babe. We got a first aid kit in the back and we’ll take care of it once we get to the house,” he assured me. I turned toward him in my seat as he gently reached over and took my hand. “My poor baby. I’ll take care of you,” he said sweetly and brought my hand to his lips. I pulled back, “Don’t kiss it! We don’t know what kind of germs her razor teeth might have! I can wait till we get it cleaned up.”


We drove at a slow pace. We were in no hurry and sure didn’t want to draw any attention. “So, where’re we goin’, Babe? You hungry? Do you wanna go through a drive-thru or something?” Al asked me. “No, I want to go straight to the house!” I said, eager, hot, and horny as fuck with the thrill over what we’d just done. It was coursing through me, head to hoohah to toe!

Of all the houses we’d checked out, this was my favorite! It was a modest two-story in a nice neighborhood. It was nothing special from the outside, but the landscaping around the front was beautiful and kept up nicely. I could see us someday having a house like this. Hell, maybe the owner of this one might eventually put it the fuck up for sale! No one lived in it. I didn’t know if the owner was away or moved out already and never bothered to put the house up for sale yet. We watched the house for several days and never saw anyone go in or come out. It was set a little away from the other houses in the neighborhood, the only one at the end of a cul-de-sac. The neighbors in the area kinda avoided it, almost not even looking at it when we drove by it other times. Nobody ever looked twice at us when we parked right outside of it, even on the street. We used different cars each time we’d driven through. Alcide’s truck, my old yellow Civic, even Lafayette’s car, had made their way through here before. It was the perfect place to hide out for a little while. Though I was perfectly sure that nothing we had done would ever lead to us, I still wanted to take every precaution.

It was early evening when we got there, but the sun was still up and I wanted to get inside before dark. “Go and see if you can get in. I don’t see a lockbox on the door, but I doubt it’s open. Don’t look around. Just go,” I said, giving him a little shove. “OK, wait here,” he told me. I watched Alcide while he walked up to the house like he owned it. My knee was bouncing when he looked at the front door and peered in the window. Then he disappeared around the back of the house. I waited in the car and started pulling out all the things we wanted to take inside with us up into the front seat. After a few more minutes, Alcide opened the front door and walked out with a wide grin on his face. “We’re in,” I breathed and opened my door. “We’re in,” he said quietly once he reached me, picked me up, and gave me a deep kiss. “I can’t wait to get inside and take a shower!” I said. “I can’t wait to get inside you when you’re all wet and slippery,” Alcide said, wiggling his eyebrows. “I’m already wet,” I whispered.

I giggled while I pulled out the duffle bag, my purse, and my coat from the car and walked toward the house. Alcide climbed back into the cab and drove the truck into the driveway. “Are you sure you want to park there?” I asked once he got out of the truck. “Sure, why not? The house is empty and the neighbors haven’t looked this way even once when we’ve come here,” he said. “Yeah, I guess. No alarm?” I asked. “Nope. None that I could see,” he answered and he seemed pretty sure. “Surprising, but good. Hey, grab the cooler and the other bags,” I told him. “You got it, Babe!” came his happy reply.

We went into the house, closed the door behind us, and turned on the lights. I took a look around the door and the nearby wall and didn’t notice an alarm either. “How’d you get in?” I asked. Alcide pulled a set of lock-picking tools out of his pocket and winked, nodding his head to the back of the house. After emptying out the cooler into the empty fridge, I walked into a large living room and saw a glass door leading onto a deck. Behind the house was a huge yard surrounded with trees.

“The house is furnished, but the fridge was empty and didn’t even smell. I guess there really isn’t anyone living here, huh?” I asked when I felt Alcide come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. I leaned back with my head on his chest. His heart was beating fast and I felt him press his hard dick into my back.

“Did you see the fire pit outside?” I said as I smiled. “Yeah, it’s perfect,” he said. “Let’s take care of the clothes while it’s still light out, and then I’m taking a shower,” I suggested. I turned around and gave him a quick kiss before I went back to the kitchen to look for some scissors. I hoped the kitchen was furnished like we’d seen of the house so far. Alcide brought the duffle bag with him, went out back, and started a fire in the pit. I found some scissors and met him outside. He was already pulling out the clothing we’d worn from the bag. He looked up when he saw me carrying my purse. “What’s that for?” Al asked. “The spirit gum is inside and I want you to help me get this ridiculous thing off my face,” I whined. I took out the small bottle and some ear swabs, and then grabbed the false teeth and tossed them into the fire. After he had carefully removed the latex and putty from my face, it went into the pit along with my beauty mark. Our contacts went next before I sat down on a lawn chair and began to cut our clothing into strips while Al slowly dropped them into the flames. We couldn’t do much about the shoes so we left them in the duffle bag. We planned to get rid of them the next time we passed a dumpster. I really liked the coat and decided to keep it. If I dyed it black, it would look completely different.

Watching the last of our costumes go up in flames ignited my own desire and again I felt moisture pooling between my thighs. Still, we stayed until everything turned to ashes and then the covered the pit. I made sure we kept the wigs… The instant Alcide turned to me, I jumped up, wrapped my legs around his waist, and rubbed my now soaking panties against him. Play time!

He bent over holding me to him to pick up my purse and the bag. I started to kiss him while he carried me into the house, closing the door with his foot. He dropped the bags, and locked the door behind him while never breaking our kiss. I moaned and broke away, looking into his eyes. “Let’s go get clean and dirty!” I shouted happily.

I slid down his body and took off running up the stairs with him close behind me pinching my ass all the way up. We hadn’t even made it upstairs to look around yet, but the doors were open and we found the master bedroom easily. There was a huge king-sized bed in the room! It was even made with what looked like soft and luscious sheets covered in a deep, red velvet blanket. “Mmm,” I purred while I ran my hand along the foot of the bed. He stepped toward me to push me down and I put my hands on his chest. “Shower, now!” I said, staring him in the eyes.

I’d noticed two other doors when we walked into the room. One that I guessed was a closet and the other opened to a bathroom. I took his hand while I walked backward into it. “Go downstairs, grab our suitcases, and my toiletry bag, please,” I begged and looked up at him through my eyelashes.

When he was gone, I turned around to look at the room. “Holy shit!” I shouted.

I heard a thump in the bedroom that had to be our luggage hitting the floor. He came rushing in with my stuff. “What happened?” he asked. “Look at this place!” I exclaimed.

In one corner of the room was a glassed-in shower that had multiple shower heads and could fit six or eight people, no problem. Along one side of the shower was a bench that looked like it was made of marble. There was a walk-in closet through an archway in one wall. Maybe the other door in the bedroom is a linen closet? The bathtub took up more than the corner of the room opposite the shower. It was more of a Jacuzzi than a bathtub and I knew I could practically swim in it. I couldn’t wait to try it out! In the middle of the room were two marble sinks back to back and in between them two mirrors hung straight down from the ceiling and faced the sinks. It was the most unusual thing I had ever seen, and I knew then and there that I definitely wanted to buy this house! If we didn’t, then we would design our own master bath to look just like this one.

While I emptied the bag of shampoos, soaps, and our toothbrushes, Alcide went into the shower to check out the nozzles and knobs. He found one that just turned on the water so you could adjust the temperature, but it didn’t spray overhead till you turned on some of the other knobs. He let out a low whistle looking around when he came back out. “Fuck me! This is amazing!” he said in awe. “I know, and you’re gonna fuck me in there right now!” I said while I pulled my dress over my head.

I went back to the bedroom and opened the closet. I was right! It was a linen closet and I pulled out two large, fluffy, bath towels. Everything was that same rich, red color and I loved it. When I got back to the bathroom, Alcide was already in the shower turning knobs and adjusting shower heads. I hung the towels on copper hooks on the wall and stepped in. He had put the soap and everything else in the shower on built in shelves and was standing under a continuous spray of water. All told there seemed to be six different shower heads spraying from all directions. Wow!

I reached around brushing my tits against him and grabbed my shampoo off the shelf, squeezed some into my palm, and began lathering my hair. He let out a little growl and I felt his hands dig into my hair to take over washing it. He massaged my scalp for a few minutes and then rinsed it. I felt him pour the conditioner in and then coat my hair. I nudged him to take a seat on the bench while I stood between his legs so I could wash his hair. His prick jutted upright and hit against my thighs with every movement of my hands on his head. He slowly slid his hands up the outside of my legs as he leaned forward to suck my nipple into his mouth. My head fell back when he pinched the other while continuing to suck and bite on the pebbled nipple he’d chosen. I reached out and grabbed an extendable shower head, pulling it forward to rinse his hair and watched the suds travel down through the definition of his pecs and abs. It was a beautiful thing.

“I need to wash this make-up off of you, but I want a few more minutes to enjoy the view,” I said, looking down at him.

His hands slid around the back of my thighs, and then up to roughly knead my ass as he moved to tug on my other nipple with his teeth. A low growl left him when I spread my legs slightly. I tried grabbing the conditioner for him, I really did, but my knees buckled a little when he brought one hand around to start rubbing my clit while the fingers of his other hand circled my back entrance, pressing against it with slight, but forceful pressure. He slipped a finger into my wet, waiting pussy, and then another before I could even adjust. I bent my trembling knees a little more once he started pushing his fingers in and out of my quivering cunt.

In and out, in and out, and then a third finger pushed in as his thumb ran circles around my clit. The pressure deepened on my back hole once the tip of his finger pushed in. I let go of the shower head gripping his shoulders when the first wave of my orgasm hit me. I found myself rising and falling on his hand while pushing backward to deepen the thrusts of his finger in my ass. He indulged me by sliding it all the way in, switching from the finger thrusts in my ass with those in my pussy.

I cried out loudly, fucking and grinding myself against his hands before standing up straight to let them slide out of me. He had barely had them out when I quickly lowered myself to the floor and grasped his rigid cock. He hissed at my touch and let out a low moan, pushing his hands into my slick hair. I bent forward and without warning, sucked him deeply into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, Sookie, fuck!” he groaned while I licked up and down his shaft, and then gently sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time, massaging them with my tongue. I used one hand to circle and squeeze the tip of his cock before licking my way back up his rod and closing my mouth over it again. As I moved back up, my other hand slid down to move back onto his sac gently tugging and massaging his delicate package. I hollowed out my cheeks to suck on him harder when I felt his cock thicken and his hips bucked into my mouth. I swallowed, allowing him to thrust even deeper. He gripped my hair harder, fucking my mouth while I sucked hard and long running my tongue along the bottom of his cock with each stroke. “Oh fuck! Don’t stop, baby! Right there! Stay just like that!” he shouted while he called out a mess of curse words.

One, two, three thrusts later, I tasted the ribbons of cum spurt onto my tongue and in my mouth, and I swallowed it all with a hum of satisfaction. I slid his dick out of my mouth with a ‘pop’ and sat back on my ankles. I looked up at him to see his eyes closed and his head leaning back against the shower wall. With a smug grin, I braced my hands on his knees to stand, and then reached for the soap to start washing off the makeup on my face and used the moisturizing shower gel on my body. When I was done, I looked back at Alcide. He was still in the same position against the shower wall.

“C’mon, baby. We don’t know how big the water heater is here and I want you all squeaky clean before I dirty you again. Besides, I saw a fireplace downstairs in the living room and I want to fuck you in front of it,” I said, pinching his nipples. His eyes snapped open to look at me with a glazed look and a goofy smile. He stood and I smacked his ass. “Hurry up, Al, before the water gets cold.”

I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me after I dried off. I went to one of the sinks, brushed my teeth, and checked my face in the mirror to make sure all the make-up was gone. I caught sight of my hand in the mirror and swore under my breath when I realized it was clean from the shower, but bleeding again after drying it with the towel. I ran it under warm water to rinse off the blood that oozed out and looked around for something to wrap it in. Seeing nothing except for the towel around me, I turned off the water and held my hand over the sink while I waited for Al to finish. He turned off the water, grabbed the other towel drying off quickly, and then stepped out wrapping it around his waist.

“Did you bring in the first aid kit?” I asked. He looked over at my bleeding hand, “Shit! No, I forgot. It’s still in the truck. Sorry. Lemme get dressed and I’ll go get it real quick.” “No rush. Not going anywhere,” I sighed. Alcide took off into the bedroom and I heard him fumbling around pulling his jeans on. I heard the jingle of his keys and the front door clicked shut behind him.

“You God damn stupid motherfucking bitch!” I screamed, looking at my hand and thinking of that razor-toothed whore!

“I do not believe that is any way to speak to the person whose home you have invaded,” came the angry, low, gravely, velvety, unbelievably sexy voice of a man I didn’t recognize.


I jumped and started to scream, but then I looked up and saw his face. Suddenly all sound left me as I sucked in a breath. I stood, staring at the man who owned the house. No, he wasn’t a man! This house was owned by a god! I had nothing to explain my presence, and by the look on his very angry face there were no words that would excuse our forced entry. My mouth opened, but nothing came out except… Well, maybe some drool…

Just two feet away was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He stood at least six foot five inches. His shiny blonde hair hung loosely down to his shoulders. He had a dimple in his chin; his cheekbones and line of his jaw were chiseled and sharp. It was his eyes… Oh my God, his eyes! I couldn’t stop staring at them. They were crystal clear and a piercing sky blue that stared into mine as his nostrils flared slightly, and then they briefly glanced to my hand. They darkened as he deviously licked his lips before looking up to meet my eyes again. A small smirk lifted the corner of his lip and in his gaze I saw pure lust. I felt it as well when my pussy suddenly became wet, my juices dripping just from that one look and drenching my upper thighs. His nostrils flared again while his eyes darted to the towel that barely covered between my legs, back to my bleeding hand, and then settled again on my eyes. A low growl emanated from his chest.

“Well, what do we have here?” he asked provocatively.

Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh shit!

I couldn’t step away without dripping blood on his floor. I couldn’t stay here, naked, and wrapped only in a towel. Oh… I just could not look away… He took a small step forward until we were only a foot apart and licked his lips again. I looked down when I saw movement in my peripheral vision. I watched in awe while his black silk shorts tented in front letting me know just how hugely excited he was and largely-endowed. Fuck! He may as well be naked! I am! I gasped, and a shiver ran down my spine as goosebumps covered my skin in the hot room. My eyes widened as I slowly swept them up his body, taking in every dip of every visibly-defined muscle until they met his gaze again. The anger there was gone and they had darkened even more.

I wanted him. His smirk had grown and he raised an eyebrow. Was he waiting for me to speak? I swallowed hard as a moment filled with nothing but pure sexual tension passed between us.


“Hey babe, I looked in the kit, but… What the fuck?” Alcide said when he entered the room.

All of a sudden he was up against the wall being held at the neck. The man wasn’t applying pressure, just holding him in place. It had happened so quickly there was no time to react. “Friend of yours?” Sexy Voice asked. “Um, yes, this is my friend. I mean, that’s my boyfriend, Alcide,” I stammered once I found my voice.

“Ah, then shall I let him go?”

“Yes, please.”

Sexy Voice opened his hand and released his grip on Al who immediately came to my side, but not quicker than Sexy Voice. They stood on each side of me looking at one another like they were sizing up the other, not in a threatening way, but more curiously than anything.

Then it hit me! I wanted them both. I wanted them bad!

I wondered what it would take to convince Alcide. I mean, we had fooled around together with other women many times. What difference would it make if our trio included someone of the male persuasion this time? Yeah, I could definitely get him into this. After all, this was still my adventure, still my turn. My fantasy…

“Alcide, Se… I mean, this man owns the house,” I blushed. Fuck! I almost called him ‘Sexy Voice’ out loud! “Eric Northman,” Sexy Voice said, making no further move. “Alcide Herveaux,” said Al.

I cleared my throat interrupting their moment. “What were you saying about the kit?” “Oh, um, there’s some ointment, but I don’t think there’s a bandage big enough to cover it,” Al said, keeping his eyes on Eric. However, when he glanced down at my hand still dripping over the sink, he caught sight of Eric’s dick growing hard again under his gaze, nearly poking a hole through the thin shorts. His eyes grew wide much like mine had and he sucked in a breath that he quickly covered with a cough. Eric let out a small chuckle while he watched Al’s reaction and our interactions.

“So, yeah, uh… Sorry, man. We didn’t think anybody lived here,” he apologized. “Are you in the habit of squatting in empty homes?” Eric inquired. “No! No, we just… We just…” I had no way of finishing that sentence. “Look, we’re really, really sorry and we’ll get out of your way,” Al looked at me and realized I was still naked wrapped in a towel. “I mean…uh… As soon as Sookie gets dressed. We didn’t damage anything, but if you want to look around and want us to pay for anything, we used the fire pit out back?” he said as a question.

I, on the other hand, didn’t want to go. I wanted Sexy Voice and my man… On me… In me… Devouring me. I was dripping down the side of my legs now. Eric inhaled deeply and gave me a sideways glance. His smirk had returned as if we were sharing a private joke. Was he thinking what I was thinking? What was with that smirk? Alcide didn’t even notice. He was looking anywhere but at Eric and his enormous dick.

“I am certain that there is no damage to my home. You must have fallen on hard times to be as desperate for a place to sleep. Tell me; were there no hotels on your way here?” We both looked at him again, speechless. No, we robbed a bank and we’re hiding out somehow didn’t seem the right thing to say. He looked at both of us in turn and smiled. He smiled! Maybe he was taking pity on us? I didn’t think so.

“I would not normally do this. However, it is late for you and she is injured. I am a very private person, but I find I would not mind your company this evening. I will allow you to sleep here tonight providing you agree to be gone in the morning. Do not make me regret my decision. Although I must tell you that even if I thought you were a threat, which you clearly are not, I would not be concerned with any action you would take against me.”

“Wow, really? I mean, thanks, man. That’s really nice of you. Thank you so much! We won’t be any trouble at all and of course, we would never think of…” Alcide gushed and then trailed off.

“As I said, I am unconcerned.” “Yes, thank you, Eric,” I said sincerely looking up at him through my eyelashes.

“You’re very welcome, Sookie.”


“Now, if you will excuse us, Alcide, I have something to tend to Sookie’s hand. It looks like a nasty bite.”

I don’t know how he did it, but the way he said ‘bite’ made me so fuckin’ hot! My juices were practically pouring down my legs now. Eric held in a chuckle when he turned fully and winked.

Alcide looked at me in question, but I nodded letting him know it was OK. I mean, this was Eric’s house. Surely, he had something to bandage my hand, besides, I needed a moment alone with him and his tent. Maybe I could slyly suggest what I really wanted to do with his considerable package and Alcide’s.

Alcide left the room to wait in the bedroom, looking back once only to see me nod again.

“Why don’t you wait for us downstairs, Al? I’ll get dressed after Eric takes care of my hand. Eric, would you mind if he started a fire? I’ll understand if we’re imposing. We can just stay up here if you want, but I did see that you have a beautiful fireplace downstairs,” I said, trying to get Alcide out of the bedroom. “It’s no imposition at all. I think that is an excellent idea. You will find everything you need on the hearth,” he said to Alcide while never taking his eyes off mine.

“OK, great. I’ll see you in a few minutes,” he said and he was gone.

“Now, let me see your hand,” he said gently.

I couldn’t believe how kind this guy was, and I couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to have grown even stiffer as he took my hand gently in his. His hand was cold against my heated flesh.

“What happened to you?”

“Dog bite,” I lied quickly.

“I see,” Eric said, sounding as if he didn’t believe me at all, which of course, he shouldn’t. I was lying.

“I can fix this, but you cannot tell anyone what I have done. Can you make this promise?”

Feeling his fingers caressing my hand almost sent me over the edge. My clit swelled with every move he made, and the fact that he and his cock were so close wasn’t helping. I thought he was going to run my hand under water again; it had dripped down my fingers. I thought he might reach under the sink or go to a cabinet for medical supplies. I was wrong, so, so wrong.

He lifted my hand to his mouth and began licking the wound. I gaped at him as a small gasp escaped my mouth. Oh my God, how can this be turning me on? Oh, but it was! He ran his tongue across the top of my hand and turned it over to lick the palm where there were smaller puncture marks. Then, one by one, he sucked my fingers into his mouth licking off all the blood. I had no idea what the fuck was going on, but it felt so sensual the way his tongue cleaned me… Then, before I registered what happened, I heard a sound, almost like a click, but quieter, and I watched as a drop of blood, not mine, pool on Eric’s tongue. He then applied it to my injured hand by licking it again. He repeated the action by licking my palm. Although I was watching him, I didn’t really understand what he was doing or how this would help until he pulled back and stood up straight. I kept my eyes on my hand, gaping when the wounds began to close on their own.

“What?” I asked, awed, and looked up at him.

That’s when I saw them. Fangs. He had motherfucking fangs. Who was this guy? What was he? I knew I should be frightened. One part of my mind told me to run, but the other part told me to fuck him! I mean, it would only be polite to thank him, right? Who was I kidding? Everything about the situation made me even slicker with lust, desire, want.

He placed a finger over his mouth telling me silently that this was a secret. He bent down and reached under the sink for a large bandage that would cover my hand and adhere to my skin keeping the bandage in place.

“Wow, thank you. That was amazing,” I whispered.

“You are welcome,” he said, lifting my hand and kissing where my injuries had been.


I don’t know what came over me, but I lifted on my toes, placed my hands on his shoulders, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He placed his hands on my waist and in one swift movement; I was up against the wall buried in a searing kiss. His tongue was in my mouth and mine danced with his as I threaded my fingers in his hair pulling him closer. The kiss seemed to last forever, but ended too soon leaving me panting. He pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“Thanks for fixing my…,” I whispered

Before I could say another word his lips were back on mine and I felt him pressing his hard stiff prick into my stomach. I reached down and wrapped my hand around it at the same time I felt his hand move to cup my pussy and slide a finger through my soaking lips, playing with them, rubbing them, spreading my wetness all over them and wherever it would go. The towel bunched up around my waist before it fell open completely, held in place only by my back against the wall. I was naked before him and so didn’t give a shit!

I squeezed his cock with one hand and started pumping him while my other slid down to the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down slightly to grip onto his perfectly round ass. I slid one finger down between his cheeks, he growled and pressed into me harder. He slowly pushed his finger inside me making me moan out in need. His touch was different than Alcide’s. His fingers were longer, thicker as he pushed in another and deeply pumped in and out, fingerfucking me fiercely and fast. I tore at his shorts trying to pull them down and he moved his hips away letting them to fall to the floor.

“Oh God…” I moaned quietly as his stiff cock was back in my hand after I gripped it again, pushing, pulling, up and down, over and over. He nipped at my bottom lip during our violent kisses causing it to bleed and sucked on it, savoring every drop before he licked it. I felt it heal immediately. I was in ecstasy, but oh… I wanted more! I pulled out of the kiss to breathe and bit along his collar bone, neck, shoulders, anywhere I could reach. His growls got deeper and his movements more demanding, willing me to cum as he twirled his fingers inside me.

I could feel he was close and so was I. Before either of us could reach that peak, he stopped and stepped back. I was panting and flushed.

“I am being a poor host,” he said cordially. As if the last five minutes hadn’t just happened!

I looked at him as if to say ‘huh?’

“As I said earlier, I believe I would enjoy your company this evening…both of you.”

Oh fuck, yes! One down, one to go!

“However, there is a caveat. You must keep what you’ve learned a secret. If I choose to reveal my true self to Alcide, I will do so. If not, I will not,” he said in a serious tone. His eyes were still full of want and lust.

“Not a problem,” I said, smiling.

His fangs retracted and he stepped into the walk-in closet.

“You should dress,” he called over his shoulder.

I nodded in a daze even though I knew he couldn’t see me. I heard a quiet laugh come from the closet. Maybe he could see me?

I put on a sheer red baby doll and a matching thong I bought for our night together to celebrate today’s dirty deed and walked down the stairs. Here goes nothing.

Alcide heard my footsteps and turned to me, taking me in with his mouth hanging open.

“Fuck me…” he said in a low voice.

“Yes, please,” I said seductively.

I walked over to him and pulled him into a deep kiss. He returned my kiss, and then pulled back with concern on his face.

“Did he? Did he see you in that? Where is he?” he whispered.

“No, not yet, but I want him to.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Alcide, you know how sometimes we like to…you and me… Fool around and have sex with other women?”

“Yeah, that’s so hot…watching you fuck some girl…”

“Well, I thought tonight, this being my adventure, ya know, still my turn and all… You could let me have my fantasy, return the favor, and we could be with another man… Together.”

“I’m not sure I want to be touching some other guy’s… Ya know.”

“That’s OK. You don’t have to touch anybody but me if you don’t want to, or you could just watch. Or he could just watch us, but I’d rather we did this all together. I mean, we’ve talked plenty of times about our fantasies, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, do you remember that one of mine? That one that I’ve wanted so much?”

His eyes grew wide as he looked up at the stairs and then back to me. He swallowed.

“You mean…” “At the same time, yeah.”

“Well, if we’re gonna do it, he’s the one to do it with. I mean, for a guy, even I have to admit he’s pretty fuckin’ sexy.”

“Yeah, he is,” I purred.

“You really want this?”

“More than anything.”

“Fuck. OK, then.”

“Really?” He just nodded at me and smiled before he leaned down to kiss me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down to me and deepened the kiss. His hands cupped my face, and then I suddenly felt another set of hands moving slowly around my waist while cool lips kissed up my back to my neck.

My hands slid down Alcide’s chest to his belt buckle. My head was turned to the side when Eric’s lips descended on mine, his tongue slid in immediately, and at the same time I felt Alcide’s mouth move to my left tit, sucking on it through the fabric and pinching my pebbled right nipple while kneading my right one.

I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them over his hips, thrilled to find he was going commando. Without breaking his hold on my tits, he stepped out of his jeans and kicked them away. The fire was roaring and I felt the heat from the flames in the hearth as well as the flames consuming me as these two extraordinary men scorched me with passionate kisses and fiery touches.

I reached around threading my fingers through Eric’s hair licking and sucking his tongue into my mouth, all the while feeling Alcide’s hands slowly raising my nightie over my tits so his mouth met bare skin.

Eric’s hands didn’t hesitate as they slid up my sides and continued the upward trek of my negligee as he raised it to my face, and then ripped it in half to avoid breaking our kiss! I pulled back to take a breath and looked up at him with heated eyes. He met my gaze with a wink before attacking my lips, biting, sucking, healing, and then plunging his tongue into me. I felt over-dressed in my thong, but that was soon grasped when Alcide knelt down in front of me and pulled it down over my hips, kissing my bare stomach, and continuing his path further until he was placing open kisses at the top of my inflamed pussy. He leaned back slightly to allow me to step out of them. Then he wrapped his hands around my thighs, squeezed my ass, and pulled me roughly toward him.

His mouth dipped down to kiss and then flick my swollen clit. I leaned against Eric for support arching my back as the crown of my head pushed against his chest. His mouth never left mine as he explored the inside of my mouth, teasing and tasting me.

Eric’s hands came up to my tits and his fingers pressed into the flesh, tweaking my nipples while the three of us moaned together and my hips bucked into Alcide’s seeking mouth. My breathing got heavier and I pulled away from Eric’s mouth while he continued kissing and then licking up the side of my neck and face. Alcide raised one of my legs over his shoulder and began to deeply tongue fuck me while he smacked my ass forcefully making me moan again, only louder this time.

Eric sucked on my neck with his lips, tongue, and teeth, reminding me of what was hiding inside his mouth and that just made my fluids flow strongly into Alcide’s waiting mouth. He growled at the swell in my pussy juices and began to switch between licking flatly with his tongue and pushing it in, fucking me with it so deeply… Eric’s hand snaked down to begin rubbing circles on my clit above while Alcide was eating me.

The cool touch of his fingers was a huge contrast to the hot tongue thrusting into me! I gasped at the feel of the opposite feelings! Alcide lifted my other leg and hooked my knee over his shoulder, suspending me in the air for a moment while Eric slowly knelt down supporting my back and extended my hands over my head as he laid me on the floor.

Alcide continued eating my pussy, much to my delight, and Eric moved forward pressing his impressive cock against my chest to fuck my tits. I gripped on to Eric’s ass to steady myself as he continued to thrust back and forth. I straightened my arms fully and Eric pulled back slightly only to move forward again, but this time he tapped my upside down mouth with the tip of his dick. I opened my mouth and he slid right in. One hand reached under me to support my neck and roughly fisted in my hair while the other reached forward and gripped the back of Alcide’s hair for leverage as he began to fuck my mouth. He set the tempo for us. Each thrust of his dick down my throat was timed with Alcide’s tongue plunging into my pussy. It was a fast and frenzied pace that brought me closer and closer to my climax.

Alcide’s thumb made its way to my clit to rub violent circles around my swollen nub. He pushed forward and thrust into my back alternating the rhythm between Eric’s thrusts into my mouth and his into my back. I felt like an erotic ping pong ball while I was pushed back and forth between these two men who I desired more than anything fucked me in different ways.

“Are you always a wicked little slut, Sookie, or is this just for me?”

I hummed my answer sending a vibration through his cock that caused him to buck his hips and thrust harder. His grip tightened on the back of my neck pushing and pulling me over his cock. I swallowed, taking him deeper, and causing a loud groan from him.

Alcide pulled his mouth from me and pushed three fingers into my pussy, twisting them as they deepened.

“Yeah, she can be a dirty whore when she wants to be,” he told Eric.

His words spurred me on even more and I found myself grinding my pussy into his hand and sucking harder on Eric until I set a rhythm that would make me cum.

It only took another few seconds until my back arched unnaturally and I was cumming with a force that caused my toes to curl and all the muscles in my body tightened. My arms trembled and my elbows buckled causing me to lose the suction on Eric’s dick.

I never hit the floor as strong hands gripped my shoulders and raised me up while another set of hands caught my legs and straightened them as they fell open from Alcide’s shoulders.

In some silent communication between them, they moved my body as they wanted until I was on all fours and I saw Alcide lay on the floor in front of me, reaching up to take my face in his hands, pull me to him, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I tasted myself on his tongue and he swallowed my moan.

Eric was steadying my hips during our kiss, running his cool hand up and down my spine in a rather invigorating and sensuous way that brought me out of my post-orgasmic haze and back into the moment.

Alcide’s hands moved to the sides of my head and threaded through my hair as he slowly pushed me down toward his stiff, erect, and waiting prick. I watched it come closer to my face, my mouth watered and I licked my lips and then swirled my tongue around the tip, licking up the pre-cum. I glanced up at him with his cum stuck to the bottom of my lip, a connecting strand between my lip and the tip of his prick, and then he groaned before he reached around my sides to smack my tits roughly.

“Suck me, little slut,” he commanded.

My creamy cunt gushed at his dirty words and I pushed my ass toward Eric, who hadn’t stopped his massage, but was also pushing his dick against me and rubbing it through my pussy lips. He put his hands on my hips, dragged his tip back and forth, and coated himself with the slickness dripping from me. The sensation was enough to make me to rock back against him attempting to get some friction or maybe mold myself onto his massive cock!

I watched Alcide’s face as I bent my head down and wrapped my lips around his dick. He moaned and his eyes rolled up into his head, closing his lids, gripping tightly, and fisting my hair. I swallowed to take him deeper, and then he bucked his hips into my mouth, pushing my head further down onto him and holding me there while my tongue circled around his base. Then I slowly started moving up and down, then faster, sucking him hard and fast down my throat stroking my tongue over his cock all the while.

Eric tightened his grip on my hips and on my third downward move, he thrust solidly into my soaking wet pussy. His sudden invasion caused me to gasp and pull my mouth off of Alcide’s cock for a moment when Eric pushed into me and my back arched. He filled me completely. I could feel his tip pushing against the back of my walls and he stilled his movements.

“Fuuck…” Eric and I breathed out in unison and Alcide raised his head to take in the scene. He smiled hungrily and his cock twitched at me, eagerly awaiting my return.

It took me a few moments to adjust to Eric’s cock before we both began to move slowly and I lowered my head again to suck Alcide’s cock. I hollowed my cheeks, sucking hard and wrapped my hand around the base of it, stroking his cock while I blew him.

Eric’s movements were getting faster, harder, and I twisted my hips on each thrust as we slapped our flesh together. Our pace started getting too sporadic for me to keep deepthroating Alcide, so I pulled his dick out of my mouth, wrapped both hands around it, and stroked it in time with Eric’s thrusts.

Alcide sat up, spreading his legs around us as Eric leaned back and pulled me flush against his chest. His grip on my hips remained and my hands on Alcide’s cock kept stroking, up and down, with my body rising and falling. Alcide leaned forward to suck on my tits. His hands moved to cover Eric’s, and then the two of them set a brutal pace, raising me up on Eric’s cock and then slamming me down again. My hands were still stroking Alcide and I moved my strokes on him in time with Eric’s thrusts into me.

Our pace quickened to an almost inhuman tempo till I felt both of them thicken with their approaching orgasms. I was the first to cum, and the bliss washed over me from my stomach and soon took over my whole body. Once I fell over the top, I felt both of them reach their climax. Eric’s cool seed poured into me and coated my walls while Alcide’s hot cum squirted in long streams onto my stomach and hands.

Alcide fell to his elbows and exhaled while I lifted myself from Eric and he slid out of me, moaning at the loss of contact.

Before either of us could move, Eric had left and returned with two warm, wet washcloths and tossed one onto Al’s stomach while he meticulously wiped all around my pussy making sure to clean between each fold and up into and inside the entrance. Then he cleaned himself while Alcide cleaned up his cum from my stomach and his, and then used the other end of the cloth to clean my hands until they no longer felt sticky. Eric nodded at him and Alcide stood up, taking both cloths with him into the bathroom where I heard him turn on the water.

“Did you enjoy that, my dirty little whore?” Eric breathed into my ear, pulling me to him quickly until my back was again flush with his chest.

I nodded and bit my lip.

“Do you need more?” he asked quietly, sucking my earlobe into his mouth and biting down to the point where it became painful. I didn’t want him to stop though.

I nodded again and turned my face to him. The kiss started with a small peck and quickly turned into a tongue battle. I felt my body thrill as he lifted me and turned me to face him, setting me atop Alcide’s lap on the couch.

When did he get back?

Eric sat in a chair across from us and watched as Alcide moved me sideways on his lap and slid his hand up my thigh burying his fingers in my pussy. Eric’s eyes darted between mine and Alcide’s as we both watched him, staring into his unblinking eyes.

His dick had gotten hard again, and I felt Alcide’s breath become heavier until he was all but panting, watching Eric’s hand move up to wrap around his now erect cock. ‘Oh Fuck! Pump that cock! You’re gonna fuck my girl so hard!!’ Alcide’s thoughts screamed. Eric hummed in approval when he saw the fingers move at a faster pace, in and out, becoming slick and coated with my juices.

Alcide moved my body to sit on his lap placing my knees on the outside of his legs, and then he opened his legs, pushing mine out and spreading me open wider. He pushed me slightly forward and brought his coated fingers to my back entrance circling it to cover it with my natural lubricant. I moaned and gasped when I felt the tip of his finger slide into me. He quickly moved his free hand around to rub circles on my clit.

Eric’s eyes stayed locked on mine as he became even impossibly harder, grunting a little when he saw me move slightly forward at Alcide’s finger entering my rear hole. Fingers continued to circle my clit until one slid inside my pussy while at the same time the one in my back hole penetrated me deeper. I moved involuntarily and plunged my body down on the finger in my ass and when I rose up, a second finger pushed in that caused my eyes to roll back into my head.

They opened again when I felt a cool tongue flick my clit and then lick a straight line up my entire body ending at my lips where they licked and played until I began to pant. Alcide removed his hand from my cunt while Eric took over, keeping one hand stroking his dick while I moved my hands that were braced on Al’s knees to Eric’s shoulders.

Alcide continued his pumping into my backside, adding another finger and recoating the outsides of those fucking me with the juices from the fingers he removed from my pussy, and then lubricating his thrusting fingers again before sliding them out fully.

Four hands on my hips lifted me briefly and eased me onto Alcide’s cock as it filled my ass. When I was about halfway down his shaft he thrust into me quickly, and I sucked in a breath and held it.

“Shh, relax, lover,” Eric said into my ear, biting the lobe before coating his fingers from my pussy and rubbing them all over his cock.

Alcide slouched down a little, moving until half of his ass was off the couch and I was spread open and sitting on top of his dick that was slowly and steadily thrusting in to my ass. Eric lined himself up with my pussy, locked his eyes onto mine, and nodded his head. On a downward thrust of my ass onto Alcide, Eric slid upward into me, and I was completely filled in both holes.

“Ahh, fuck! Oh God!” I called out, gripping Eric’s shoulders as they moaned their approval.

It took a moment to find our rhythm, but we soon found that alternating thrusts worked best and from the sounds they were making, it was easy to tell that they were enjoying the pressure of the strokes from the other that they could feel through me.

I felt empowered! I rocked my hips back and forth as they thrust into me, harder, faster, until they were pumping deeply and fiercely, in a frenzy! It was almost too much when I felt them both thicken and swell, their movements more desperate as growls rose from both their chests and out of their mouths.

All noise meant nothing when I felt myself cumming and held on till I reached the end my orgasm before I crashed down into the most intense feeling I had ever experienced. I was only aware of something hot and cold filling me before everything went black.


I woke in the bathtub with both of them on either side of me gently washing my body.

“What happened?” I asked, my voice raspy. “You came,” said Alcide. “And then you passed out,” added Eric. They both chuckled and I relaxed into the tub enjoying their attention.


When we were finished and ready for bed, Eric approached Alcide, looked him deeply in the eyes, captured his gaze. He spoke quietly, but I could hear every word.

“You will remember nothing of this night, this house, or me. You will rise in the morning, collect your belongings and leave, never to return. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I’m never gonna return,” Alcide said, sounding like he was in a daze.

What the hell?

Eric then approached me, kissed me deeply running his hands down my body, and rubbing my pussy before sliding his hand up to my face. He locked his gaze with mine and he repeated the words he said to Alcide. I guess he just didn’t want me to repeat what I had seen or that I knew what he was, so I just nodded when he took my hand, kissed the knuckles, and left the room.


The next morning we got up before dawn, dressed, and packed the truck with everything we had brought.

“Damn, I’m sorry for falling asleep so early, babe. I must have been exhausted after everything. I can’t wait to get to somewhere where we can celebrate! How’d you sleep?” he said with a wide smile.

What the fuck?

“Um, fine,” I mumbled while we backed out of the driveway. I turned my head as we started to pull away and saw Eric staring at us through the window. I caught his eye and winked. He looked surprised for a second, but he returned my wink as a small smirk grew on his lips, and then he disappeared.

A/N:  A little different for me. I really hope you liked it!  Let me know if it worked!

14 Responses to The Taking

  1. So hot…
    Don’t ask me how but I knew it was your story!
    You can absolutely write other stories like this one!

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  2. msbuffy says:

    chuckling… naughty Sookie. Very naughty vampire… Hmm…wonder if that empty house across the street… 🙂

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  3. Natsgirl says:

    Like I said before (and say again) – Ay carumba! Muy caliente and naughty! Sookie and Alcide as petty thieves/risk seekers was a great angle – and coming across the ultimate ‘sure, let’s play’ bad boy just fit right in. Talk about ‘let the good times roll!’

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  4. kleannhouse says:

    a very hot and sexy tale and hmmmm Sookie could visit him again on her own, that would be fun. KY

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  6. Whew! Anyone else need a smoke after that!? Lol love the robber angle. Great story!

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  7. kleannhouse says:

    oh I remember this one , loved the first time and loved it again. KY

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